The side effect of using Magnesium Oil wrinkle reducing

I’m 58 on Friday 22nd, and am proud of the wrinkles and smile lines I have collected over my life. lots of wrinkles
My eyesight while using the computer is not so good lately, and I have been using magnesium oil around my eyes and generally on my face because it clears my vision.
I was just talking to someone on another post about magnesium oil and how using it fades age spots, during the conversation I did a google search about the age spots connection, and read about magnesium fading and removing wrinkles.

I just touched my face and sure enough my wrinkles are nowhere near as obvious, I don’t have a mirror so took some selfies, and looked way less wrinkles magnesium Oilclosely at them, and sure enough, my wrinkles around my eyes especially have reduced drastically and skin has tightened up. except on my eyelids, where I don’t put the mag oil, I wouldn’t want get magnesium oil in my eyes, I’m sure that would sting. Its quite amazing how much the wrinkles have diminished huh.

Lastly, here is a photo that was taken 20 odd years ago while I have less wrinkles again in the old photo, at this rate my face will be looking 20 years ago no wrinkles reallylike this in no time, Once it is I will stop using the magnesium oil, and see how long it takes for the wrinkles to return,

Most of you have my magnesium oil, try using mag oil on your face once or twice a day for a week, make sure you take photos. 🙂 DON”t Spray on your face, spray with one hand into the other hand, then massage on your face.

Magnesium Oil – Muscles Love it