So why don’t I make samples of each of my products?
The easy answer is because I can’t afford to in either time or money.

Oh now come on Lynny, it can’t cost that much, they are only tiny containers afterall.

To explain this, it hard to know where to begin, but I’ll do my best.
I can’t physically fill sample containers, so I would need to get the business that just made my 3 products in bulk.
They have a minimum batch size of 100 litres for each product.

I don’t have the extracts to send them to make 100L, but just pretend I did, it took me 11 weeks of crock pots working 24 hours a day to make to make enough extract for 1000 tins of balm. it would be the same amount for getting samples made… I don’t even know how to work out how much that costs, but I don’t pay myself so it doesn’t count anyway, but about $700 for extra power and to send the extracts to Auckland.
So a sample would have say a teaspoon of balm or root PRO per sample. Without getting the calculator out, I think that would roughly be 20,000 samples of each each product, I have 8 products so that would be about 160.000 samples.
Good luck with me finding storage for that many, but then say again I could magic the storage for them.

Ok, now we will go to the other end of the process, packaging products so they could be sent out to folks wanting a $5 sample.
Although the next part wouldn’t need to be done at once, it would still need to be done at some stage…

Say I assumed that the average samples brought would be 2 per customer, I would need to buy 80,000 postage bags at $3.50 each, then those plastic bags I stick on the front to put your packing slip with your address in. and 80k fragile stickers, and 80k return address labels.

Now putting all these on the postage bag, takes approx 1 minute per bag that’s not that long huh… those plastic bags for address are a cow to get on, even almost straight… I think that’s about 1333 hours just to do prepare the bags and of course I’d need breaks and cuppa’s but no we won’t go there…

Now to print an order, fold the order to fit in that plastic pouch, open the order to remember what products or samples were order, write on the bag what the order is, put tracking sticker on, handwrite in the orders book, the buyers name, short codes for each product, and attacked the number of the tracking sticker, and finally put the products in the bag, takes about 5 minutes per order, if everything goes well, so 6666 hours or 278×24 hour days I told you we could forget breaks, sleep etc. I don’t pay myself to do all this stuff. but imagine is I paid myself minimum wage of $16.00 and hour, $135,994.33

Moving right along, to get these testers or samples made, they charge more for filling, and packing smaller containers, because it’s basically 20 times the amount of containers to handle smaller containers, so say they charged $1.15 per sample, to fill them, label, package them, and freight them to me.

So 160,000 samples times $1.15 = $184,000, but wait that’s not all, I still have to buy all these sample containers, get new labels re-designed, and usage pamphlets labels designed and both labels and pamphlets printed, just to make it easy say all that cost another .80 cents each. $128.000, so we are upto about $500,000 there is a heap of other things I haven’t added, but you get the idea.

I also spend an average of 5 minutes for every order, typing in private message or phone, and another 10-25 minutes per order average answering questions of the facebook page or replying to contact form emails. Oh and of course, people wanting their tracking numbers or wanting to know why their package hasn’t arrived yet an average of 14% of orders contact me wanting to know where their order is. so just with samples alone, that would be 22400 queries. And imagine going to the xero website and reconciling all at least 80,000 payments for just orders of samples … lol…

But if anyone wants to donate roughly half a million dollars to me, and come live here me with to do half the unpaid work I do, you’d be more than welcome. I have a caravan you could live in, and I would give you 10% of the actual profits. Because I still have to pay tax, and what would all this cost per sample?
Each sample even with the just things I have listed, is about $3.14 to make, that’s before postage, and the orders i do wrong and have to resend.

Oh I just realised I forgot to add GST. LOL.

Point made.