Which Product Would Suit You.

If you are new to my products, it can be hard to know which one/s are for you.

Root PRO Spray. (Small Red Spray Bottle)
This is my strongest pain relief product, it also tends to last longer than any balm, I recommend it for Severe, Flare-up, Acute, Nasty Sharp Pain. It was not designed for everyday use, although most people are using it daily. I have had several people tell me it lasts from 8 to 24 hours per application. So particularly good before bed to ensure a pain less sleep.
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Strong Pain Relief Balm.
This product is a very good pain relief balm, and until I started making the root pro spray, it was the product I directed everyone with pain issues too. It has been used by bone cancer patients enabling them to stop their heavy prescribed medications, pain relief and spent their days with their pain much reduced or pain-free with clear thinking, and none of the side effects of prescription medications. At the same time, STrong Pain Relief is safe enough to be used on young children for things like bee stings.
This product was designed to be used every day, just be away a little goes a long way if you put too much on for a start, wipe of excess, before allowing clothes to absorb it.
Most users find the Stong pain Balm 100ml tin lasts about a year.
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Magnesium Oil.
Mag oil is a product everyone in your family should use in my, not at all humble opinion, it’s not only a very good pain relief product in its own right, especially for muscle pain, but since magnesium is needed for over 300 bodily functions, and if far superior to magnesium tablets.
Most users find the mag oil 200 ml bottle lasts about a year.
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The 3 Products above are I offer in the Triple Pain Combo Pack
I recommend this pack, if you have pain conditions that can get severe, but otherwise, are an ongoing day in and day out.

Cough Control
Used for any breathing, coughing, chest issues.
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Kawakawa Balm
Kawakawa balm does have pain relief properties, but its skin issues its best knows for.
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Cayenne Balm. 
Cayenne balm has few testimonials, yet it gets ordered a lot, mainly for either hot pricky feet, or cold or numb feet. Either way, this balm is good for nerve pain.
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So how do you use any of my products?

All my products are to be rubbed on your skin, usually over the area of the pain you have, you can just try your product and see how it goes for you.

If you are buying one of the combination packs, for a start I would suggest you use each product separately and get to know how each product works on your body and your pain. How long it takes for pain relief to work, how much pain relief you can get from that product, it may be 40% or you may get 99% pain relief. And how long until you notice your pain has returned. It’s a very good idea to make a study of your pain so get a pen and paper beside you, First, note down all the areas of your body you have pain, even if that area isn’t paining you right at this minute or today.
You could do this first part after you make your order and before your order is delivered.
Sometimes it’s easy to think, especially if you have some pain condition like Fibromyalgia, “well my pain is everywhere…” but usually, in fact, there are places the pain is more or less, or pain is different in some way.

The more exact you can be at this stage, the more you will gain control over your pain, instead of it controlling you.

So for a start, scan your body carefully and slowly.
It’s also important to take note of places you don’t have pain. I’ll do this on my body now so you can understand what I mean.
So, I start at my little finger on my left hand, does my fingernail hurt Nope,
the area between the fingernail and the first joint hurt, No.
Does that joint cause pain, No
Carry on up that finger, and pain areas? for me No.
Carry on through the other fingers, no pain until I get to my thumb, now that sucker hurts in both joints, but the first joint is more painful than the joint at the top of my Thumb.

So already I have learned that in fact in my fingers of my left hand, I’m all good except my thumb, and the pain in my left thumb is only in the two joints, the middle joint is the worst.
This may sound silly or a waste of time, but I know when I took prescription pain relief, my fingernails were painful to press on, heck I would get a nasty toothache, and I wear dentures. I kid you not.

Anyway back to the body scan, check that moving each finger, does that cause pain, that wasn’t there when you just checked them relaxed.
Make a fist, hold something like a coffee mug, is that painful, grip the coffee much tighter, how does that feel? How about holding a pen tightly, how does that feel… for me gripping anything with my left hand, just makes my thumb joints more painful. but other than that, my left hand and fingers are pretty good.
Moving to your left wrist, how did that react to holding the coffee mug tighter, how about if the mug was full (heavy)Move that wrist forwards backward, in a circle, how does that all feel, for me it’s not painful…

Keep going through the rest of your body, noting where the pain is, what it feels like, sharp, dull, annoying, disabling, throbbing, like an electric shock, like there is a lump of pain, hot, cold, whatever or however you would describe your pain.
Also noting where the pain isn’t.
Using an outline like below, to map your pain areas could be very helpful, you can save the pictures and get them printed, maybe a few copies of each.

This post is getting too long, so I will stop here, and if there is any interest, I’ll write a part 2-3-4…100 if need be, or as many as required for you to become the master of your pain.
You and only you are the only person that can know exactly what it’s like, you are doing this for you, so be honest, it’s not a test, there is no right and wrong way to do this.
Plan of Action (Part 2)


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