Water Reduction, Skin Tightening, and Weight Loss

Could there be a link to using Magnesium Oil?

This is one of those stories where things from different times, suddenly fall into place.

A few weeks back on a post on my fb business page, I was talking about Magnesium Oil, I can’t remember for what, but someone commented how when her mother used my Magnesium Oil on her ankles, and lower legs I thing for sleep, anyway she said after a few weeks, she noticed her mother had shapely ankles again.
I’m sure this woman or someone else said they had noticed the same, it seemed that using magnesium oil was helping with water retention in their body.

Then remember a few months ago, I tested out using 20 sprays of magnesium several 3 or 4 a day, just to see what would happen… One place I put this extra mag oil was on my tummy, where I carry most of my weight, I was putting it on my tummy at the time because I had problems with a bloated belly. I had noticed I was peeing a lot more.

Now let me explain

I have given up on trying to lose weight years ago, and hover between 110, 112 kgs. Well I went to the doctor for a medical certificate, a couple of weeks after I finished using so much mag oil, and was shocked when the scales said 106 kgs, although I have noticed my belly was smaller…

Then a couple of months ago, I found that using my Magnesium Oil around my eyes, to improve my eyesight, I had found that the wrinkles on my face had almost disappeared… So I started using mag on my whole face and neck, and noticed that the wrinkles on my neck also disappeared…

Around the time the woman said her mother’s ankles were showing again, I noticed that the stretch marks on my belly from baby’s I had 30 and 35 years ago, these stretch marks seemed to be both lighter in colour and much narrower than they used to be. Still putting nothing together, I can be slow sometimes, anyway, I started using mag oil on my tummy and hips when I remembered. And the increased peeing started again.

I started seeing a massage therapist around that time too, and she has now mentioned a twice I was definitely losing weight and my skin was tighter.

Now remember I said I gave up losing with, I happened to be down at the doctors, just 2 weeks ago, and she asked me to weigh myself, I had lost another 3 kg’s. This I couldn’t understand at all because I had been eating more, but like I said I have been peeing more.

I had a passing thought that it must be the excess urine, and and if I had fluid retention, that that if it was moving the old fluid out, and replacing it with new fluid, then that could only be a good thing. But it still doesn’t account for the weight loss. It just crossed my mind now, that maybe what was moving was actually inflammation, but no probably not, because my pain levels have been a bit higher if anything… I find it interesting that I’m so resistant to saying that there is a relationship between magnesium oil and weight loss, hang on, I’ll go asked Uncle Google.

Well there is quite a few results saying that with the symptoms of magnesium deficiency the body, things like anxiety, overwhelm, depression, tiredness, exhaustion, lack of sleep, pain, chronic pain, high blood pressure, tension in muscles, erratic blood sugar, which all contribute to weight gain, or lack of weight loss, are generally relieved when magnesium levels are normalised in the body, it makes sense that weight loss more than likely would follow.

I wonder too, if its because I carry most of my weight in my stomach, and that’s where I have been massaging the magnesium oil to reduce stretch marks, which is also working by the way, but is that why I have lost 9kgs without even changing my diet.

So the question is, do you use magnesium oil everyday, at a high rate, just say 30 sprays or more a day, and if you do, have you noticed, Water Reduction, Skin Tightening, & Weight Loss has been happening or is it just me.