Root PRO Spray Use.

I have been noticing recently that many folks are saying they are using the root pro spray every day, or several times a day.

Root PRO Spray was never developed or intended for constant use, it’s a very powerful pain reliever that is designed for just the worst of the worst pain.

Possibly use it for a day or two, for a bad flair-up or acute pain. Then leave the root pro until the next flair up, in say in a few weeks.

Sure, it seems to work on any pain, but it is really overkill to be using it constantly. It’s a bit like seeing a snail on the ground, jumping on it and grinding your foot into the snail, rather than just standing on the snail to squash it.

The strong pain relief balm generally deals with most pain, if not all your pain. Your body has natural pain relievers that stop working properly when super duper strong pain relief – either prescribed or herbal ones like the Root PRO – is used constantly.

I now only use the strong pain relief balm maybe once or twice a month.

Nothing is any good in excess, and while my products don’t have the side effects of many other kinds of pain relief, it doesn’t mean you should use any of it to excess constantly.

I really do urge you to use the magnesium oil first, once it has dried into your skin, and about 20-30 mins later check your pain levels. Can you continue with your day with if you stop there? If you have multiple areas of pain that you are applying Root PRO Spray to, make sure you asses each area’s needs before continuing product use.

You’ll probably find you have pain levels that are reasonably ok in most of your body, but say your knee and ankle are still really bothering you, then just use the strong pain relief those areas. Wait another 30 minutes, now assess that knee and ankle, how is the pain level now? It may not be pain free, but darn good compared to what it was when you started, right?

This is generally the way most pain reacts. Until I made the root pro spray, everyone found that just the Mag oil and pain balm was enough.

Maybe some folks don’t understand the concept of flare up pain and what it is.

A pain flare-up is not going from little or no pain, straight to bad pain – a flare up is already having constant pain, to the pain levels going right over the top of the pain scale, the sort of pain that cripples you up or has you engulfed in pain.

I’m trying to think of a pain that everyone can relate to.

Ok, so you are walking outside in bare feet, you stand on a stone and then another stone, it hurts, sure, it can even hurt a lot, you may even get a bruise from that stone, making it painful to walk on for a few days or even a week. I often have that feeling in my feet, like the bones are bruised.

Now picture yourself walking outside, again in bare feet, you know how treading on a stone hurts, so you avoid the – clever you!

While you are avoiding the stones, you catch your little toe on the leg of the picnic table. Now I’m sure everyone has caught their toes on something in their life, that pain really does get your attention.

Depending on how fast you are walking that little toe can really send your pain levels through the roof!

That through-the-roof pain is a flare-up pain and is the sort of pain that you should be using the ROOT PRO spray on, maybe use it 2 or 3 times, until the magnesium oil and/or the Strong Pain Relief Balm does the job of easing your pain.

Again, keep your Root PRO as the godsend you need for that worst of the worst pain, and you can be sure it works.

It would be devastating to have used the root pro on that constant bad pain, and to have it not help much for that other horrendous pain, wouldn’t it?

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