I have had an unhappy customer for RootPRO Spray

well they were unhappy for awhile anyway, apparently he thought it was a product for rooting cannabis cuttings called RootPRO.

So this person didn’t read the description just bought two bottles because the price was so good… He didn’t want some herbal thing that wouldn’t work anyway. Quite the irony since he said he grew cannabis to help his own pain.

While I was talking to them on the phone he mentioned he had a bad knee pain, so I told him to rub a couple of sprays of my RootPRO into his knee. Grumping he did.

I could tell by his voice that his pain had lifted, so I asked him how his knee felt, he was amazed, and ended up laughing, and tell me he would be buying more. 🙂

8 Hours later… Unhappy Customer

He rang back about 30 minutes ago, saying with surprise “It was still working after 7 hours” and he has tried it on other places that he had pain, and on a some friends that came around, and “This stuff is bloody Amazing” it works oh every pain he has and how it works so quickly.

He going to see how long it lasts for and has said he will be making another order very soon… even wanted to know about buying wholesale and reselling lol… He had already been to the website and played in the cart, and knew how much it costs for 7 bottles or more…. I only put that price there for fun, never thinking anyone would ever get that many at once.
I just love men they are so sceptical of my products, and then always the loyalist converts. 🙂

Unhappy Customer 3 Days later

We are becoming phone and text friends as well. We both think it’s a crack up.
He said some of his friends are very impressed with the results, and suddenly he has become very popular, mates he hasn’t seen for months are coming round lol…
He is now on a mission, to find something it doesn’t work on.

On the phone he has asked about my other products, and 1st wanted to know if the cough control would help with the coughing from lighting up, I don’t smoke dak, so don’t have a clue, after asking about a the strong pain relief, now he has been back to the website an bought a 6 pack, one of everything I make, plus a large bottle of the Root PRO.

I have often said when dak becomes legal, I won’t be using it in any potions, I’ve had several people tell me my balm is better than the cannabis version.