Two boil’s healed in 3 days.
Sherry told me how she had had a couple of boils for several weeks, she kept squeezing then, but they would be full with bloody pus again within a few hours, and had grow quite large over the weeks…. I told her not to put cream on, because it would heal it up too fast, and the pus would get healed inside, and cause more of a problem.
She went ahead anyway and put the pain relief cream on a patch, and used it anyway, in 3 days, the angry lesion had lost all the redness, has no painful area under the skin at all, and was healing up beautifully,
Sherry also uses the cream for arthritis in her knee and ankle, which was shattered in a chair accident 8 years ago, and now had pins holding it together. Its working extremely well for her pain. 🙂