Toxic chemical exposure kids.

Is toxic chemical exposure in your home making you sick?
With the exception of mold, you cant see most of the toxins that you are exposed to and it can have so many effects on you and your children’s health. Toxic burden impacts the function of multiple issues in the body , it causes problems in the liver, G.I tract, the skin & lungs.  It can cause immune problems that starts to attack your body. Your immune system becomes over reactive and it can take up to 40 years for your body to respond to this with autoimmune diseases.
Here are some ways you can reduce your toxic exposure:
Filter your water;  chlorine, fluoride, bromine, fungi, bacteria, certain pesticides, some heavy metals, & chemical compounds are unfortunately in our drinking water and the water that we shower in.
Filter your air;  did you know that chemicals are in your furniture, carpeting, polyurethane-furnished flooring, flame-retardant chemicals in fabric, we have emissions from heaters, gas cooktops, and other devices. When windows remain closed your house cant breathe so toxins are trapped inside. How to work around this problem is to open the windows to air out the house. Have a good vacuum cleaner. Use an air conditioning system.
Clean up your home environment;  Most personal cleaning and household products contain petrochemicals which have estrogen mimicking effects making them more appealing to buy. You are prone to many health issues such as migraine headaches, skin complaints, respiratory problems, weight loss resistance, brain fog, insomnia, asthma, allergies, digestive problems, fatigue, depression & hormonal imbalances. That is a very large list of health problems we can have due to exposure of toxic chemicals.
Suggestions for natural products;
Use vinegar and water for cleaning windows.
Use a coconut derived agent, glycerin or any natural based product like, manuka honey, herbs, goats milk, rosehip oil, or vegetable based with hand or facial soaps.  Lush products and products from the honeybunch shop are just 2 examples of natural handmade products.
Look for organic, sulfate free, natural ingredients in shampoos, and stay away from products containing SLS, (sodium lauryl sulfate).
If you use antibacterial wipes, opt for unscented and without toxins. These wipes are full of triclosan, which has an oxidizing effect in the body. Avoid household cleaners with unpronounceable chemicals, chlorine, and artificial scents. There are many plant based cleaners available now, and white vinegar & baking soda has been proven to be more of an effective cleaner and is much cheaper, safer and you can make it at home.
Buy toothpaste that is free from SLS & fluoride red seal have a great toothpaste range or you can use baking soda as it does the same thing.
Some species of houseplants can eliminate up to 87% of toxins in the air, these include English Ivy, Spider Plants & Boston Fern. One or two plants wont make much a difference,  so it is recommended that if you can have many of these houseplants for air quality it will help to cleanse the toxins in your household environment.
Fact; 80% of all cancers are attributed to environmental factors including exposure to carcinogenic chemicals, it’s not just genetics!
Children are the most vulnerable to environmental insults. Biological and several behavioral factors make children exceptionally sensitive to chemical exposures. They breathe faster taking in more air, you children wash their hands less and put their hands and foreign objects into their mouths. They spend more time closer to the ground so are more likely to be exposed to chemicals, spills or swallow household products.
We are seeing epidemic levels of asthma, learning disorders, diabetes and obesity. Pediatric cancers are on the rise. Allergies and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis has become the 3rd most chronic disorder. Children’s health is in a state of crisis. So prevention of toxic exposure is the single most effective means of minimizing and protection against environmental threats.
We need to protect not only ourselves but our kids, they are getting sicker and they need our help