The Good, Bad and Devastating News.

What a rollercoaster of a month April has been, the first 2 weeks, sales were going very well, then the mat was ripped out from under me.
The powers that be, Facbook, decided to stop me being able to advertise my products on this page, at first I thought it was just for 2 days, then that turned into 4 days, and devastatingly I have a full and permanent ban from advertising, and they won’t discuss it, case closed.
It’s my own fault, I’m supposed to say my products “May or could help your Pain Issues” and a host of other advertising rules, which although I tried, I broke.

Along with the ban on advertising, any post do I make only gets seen by about 160 of this 6500 page followers, and unless some of those 160 people comment or share the post, the post is deemed of no interest and stops appearing to anyone else.

I’m sure most of you of the 160 people that currently see this post know, I have issues with depression, and I have my own health issues, and I’m finding that making my products myself is becoming harder and taking much longer to do. No-one knows how bad those health issues are, I have to keep somethings personal.

A couple of days before the permanent advertising ban, I organised to get a manufacturing chemist to make my products to my recipes 1000 of Magnesium Oil and Strong Pain Relief Balm, and 1500 Root PRO Sprays, getting them to do the making would have taken a heck of a strain off me and I’d have more time to write articles to share on this page and rebuild the business. I know I can do it, but it’s just lousy timing.

Needless to say, without advertising or hardly anyone seeing posts on this page, sales have dropped to 1 or 2 products a day,

To cut to the chase, I have a big decision to make,

1. I can go ahead and get the products made in bulk, pay for them myself instead of the business paying for them, and just cross my fingers that sales will pick up, I will have time to find new markets and look into selling in shops around the country.

2. Struggle on making them myself, as and when I can,

3. Just sell the products I now have, and wind down the business which of course I don’t want to do, but I have to face facts.
Over the weekend, I counted the products I have here, and if I was to sell them in two weeks, they would pay about half what I need for option 1, But of course, that is just a dream in this current situation.

So there you have it, crunch time for me and this business.