Ouch, I have been so busy today, answering emails, phones, questions in pm, questions on the fb page, adding reviews to the website, making extracts for more potions, etc etc etc…
I neglected to take notice of my body and the pain it was telling me about in order.

The sciatic pain which I usually stop in its tracks in a few minutes at the first twinge with root PRO spray was full-blown sciatic pain by the time I took notice of it, ouch it really hurts doesn’t it, anyway I used the root pro spray on it, and it took a whole 15 minutes to settle down and go away. I’ll have to complain to the boss about it taking that long 😉

As if that wasn’t enough to learn me to take notice then

After the scaitica was settled down, I walked out to feed the chooks, and notices the back pain had me bending forward it was so bad, a wee bit of strong pain relief, and 5 minutes and that pain was gone.

After both pains were gone, I noticed my eyesight was blurry and realized it had been for a while, so out came the Mag Oil and around my eyes it went, then I kid you not, I noticed my feet were burning so on went some cayenne balm. Then bugger me I was coughing, so I hunted for the cough control and used it.
So all in all, I used every product in the 6-Pack Whanau Selection…. within about 30 minutes lol…

I have never ever used all my products in the same day. or even in the same week. Darn I make awesome products ah 🙂

So now with being potioned up everywhere, and after a lovely hot cuppa, I’m ready to get to work again, so bring it on baby 🙂

Cheers Lynny