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Triple Pain Combo

I love Lynny’s herbal products and have bought the strong pain relief cream which I use everyday, magnesium- amazing, and just got the pro root oil which is my favourite! She is also super helpful and rang me about my order to check it was right. Thanks Lynny.

I’ll be a customer for life. Definitely need more retailers like you! No wonder you have so many positive reviews
Lois James 30 Jan 2019

Migraine Regularly

I suffer migraine regularly! I have been using your strong pain relief any sign of one along with magnesium . Rather than taking my medication . I have found it’s helping ease them away. I have spent so many hours/days in bed over the years due to migraine. Such a waste of life

Shelly Bullock

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Best first aid kit

You are a star !!! Can’t get enough of your root spray, Cayenne balm, strong balm and magnesium.oil
Every household must have these instead of a first aid kit … Excited for my order to arrive THANKS x

Serena Rogers Thanks so much Lynny

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Neck injury

I’ve been using all of Lynny’s pain relief products for a while. But today after consulting with Lynny I’m a complete convert. My 13yr old daughter had an accident while playing in the pool with her 9yr old twin brothers last night. Getting bent over backwards hurting her neck and back. Barely able to move but fairly sure it was just muscular damage and not skeletal I threw everything herbal and conventional at her last night. This morning after consultiong with Lynny I sprayed her first with Magnesium spray then rubbed the pain relief balm into the affected areas. It’s now 24hrs later and have done this 3 times today and shes moving around like not much happened. No added panadol or Ibruphen. Just Lynnys Magic Potions.

Brenda Smith recommends Lynny’s Herbal Potions.
58 mins 22 Jan 2019

This is long but I want to tell you everything Lynny.

I have been diagnosed fibro for 20 years, but had it for much longer since a horseriding accident as a teen.
I have been using your root pro oil in the morning for 2 months now, and your mag oil at night.
The root oil gives me 24 hours pain relief, and I tell you what bliss, the first time I applied it, I was still rubbing it into my left leg and my right leg was already painfree.

And the magnesium Oil, I rub that into my skin everywhere I can reach about 20-30 sprays, I don’t like the feel of it on, so I do it about 15 minutes before I shower, and wash it off like you suggested.

By the time I get out of the shower, and get drird, I’m ready for bed.
Where I now sleep for 9 hours, never waking to need to pee anymore. I wake up refreshed and feeling like I have had a deep sleep, and ready to start the new day. I used to wake up every 2 to 3 hours needing to go pee. I can also hold on during the day, instead of heading to the loo every hour or so. My IBS is also calmed right down.

I believe my overall pain levels have reduced drastically, sometimes I forget to use the root pro, or just use the strong pain balm. Buying the triple pain pack is the best thing I have ever done.

Oh Lynny your an angel. Kerry M

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sore muscles

This stuff really works! The Magnesium Oil has been terrific on sore muscles.

Michael Stace reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star
August 1, 2017 ·

hubby hooked on mag

Amazing products have my hubby hooked spray it on rub it in �

Diane Murray Blom reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star
August 30, 2017 ·

an array ailments

I used the magnesium oil for such an array ailments within my family. Healing aches and pains after surgery. Head aches. Aching legs, tendons. Sleep. Stress tension. Itchy bites. Sciatica. It is brilliant.

Nicola Rose reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star
January 16, 2018

Knees and Wrists

When I left work in July I could barely move. Think about september I decided to try Lynny’s products. Am waiting on both knees to be operated on.

Much better now can walk up a few steps properly carefully. Been painting fences sheds and section clearing I won t say I’m perfect but soooooo much better.

When wrist sore from painting I’ve used root pro spray and strong pain balm together. Next morning they great. For me to be able to climb a ladder is marvelous. Also using alot of esp night.wrist

I have used strong pain balm and strong cayenne together too at night when they really bad. Just to be able to move relatively pain free is a dream

Colleen Petersen

All Products In One Pack

magnesium oil heavenly

this magnesium oil you make is heavenly, I have been taking magnesium as a pill for 6 weeks and still waiting for it to work, but stopped it to try your oil. Right from the first time I used oil, restless legs gone at night, backpain gone, and I can sleep through the night.

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Strong Magnesium Oil

Son walking again with Mag Oil

I have placed an order. I have experienced the power of magnesium oil before….I now have a healthy 14 yr old who is 90% pain free after an accident when he was younger. For 2 yrs he struggled to walk due to the most extreme nerve damage and couldn’t even leave the house.

Then one day we decided to detox all the meds and go magnesium spray and epsom salts, along with mindfulness training and intense physio. What a miracle… slowly but steadily he started walking after about 3 weeks magnesium spray.

He carried it in his pocket and sprayed his leg constantly.. this stuff gave him and our family a life back. Now he uses it once or twice a week especially when tired. I am so grateful to the friend who purchased this for us to try. So I feel its my time to help, this makes an awesome Christmas gift. Keep up the good work Lynny we sure appreciate it.

Marie Anderson

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Magnesium Oil Reviews

Awesome DUO

Mag oil and strong pain relief are awesome. Lasted ages too

Vin Murphy reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star
July 23, 2018 ·

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