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Recurring dry night cough responds to Cough Control.
I bought the cough control a little while back. I have had a recurring dry night cough since I was a child. It is frustrating as it keeps me and others awake and on the nights when it’s bad,
I am obviously exhausted the next day. Over the years I’ve tried cough lozenges, cough syrup, honey, extra pillows to prop me up but nothing has ever been effective. I was a little skeptical that rubbing a small amount of the balm on my wrists would help but it absolutely works!!
Every single time!! It also lasts all night, so if my coughing starts early in my sleep I don’t get another bout of it later in my sleep.
I now have the tin on my bedside table and it goes with me when I travel.
Thank you so much for giving me back restful sleep. (Happy for you to use my name – thanks for a great product).

Tanya Stanisich November 16, 2018

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