Magnesium deficiency and Sudden Death

There have been many studies published over the past few decades that strongly suggest that there is a link between sudden cardiac death and magnesium deficiency. A significant amount of magnesium is lost when you are doing any strenuous exercise or activities through sweating. If you are suffering from low magnesium or are magnesium deficient then this can be a precursor to collapsing and with sudden death.
There are a number of factors to take into consideration of the reasons why this can happen, one major one is the lack of magnesium.

  • Lack of magnesium in the community water supply and soil.
  • The inner wall of the heart muscle is low in magnesium.
  • Magnesium deficiency can cause spasms in the coronary artery & irregular heart beats or arrhythmias.
  • When one has suffered a heart attack IV magnesium is given immediately in A & E to prevent sudden death.
  • A rare genetic disorder of the connective tissue called Marfan syndrome.
  • A family history of premature death from heart disease.
  • An inherited electrical disorder of the heart called long QT syndrome.
  • An inflammatory heart condition called acute myocarditis.

When a sudden cardiac death occurs there usually is no warning sign of this happening in comparison to some symptoms that can lead to cardiac arrest and high risk resulting in death.
Mineral imbalances interfere with the heart’s normal nerve function. Magnesium is the most under recognized electrolyte disorder in the western world. When athletes are exercising they must also keep an uptake of magnesium for it to work in correlation to there potassium levels. If they dont have enough magnesium then they will not have the right amount of potassium as it relies on the magnesium. Magnesium reduces the risk of arrhythmias by 53 to 76 percent!
If you know of someone that is into extreme physical activity or sports or is suffering with heart problems then please encourage them to see a doctor to have a red blood cell magnesium test. Serum magnesium tests are not enough to determine a true magnesium deficiency in magnesium as it only tests 1 % of the magnesium in the body.
To help with increasing your levels of magnesium in your body magnesium oil is a great way of doing this. It absorbs quickly into your body via the skin and research has shown that magnesium oil is just as effective if not more so with increasing and restoring your magnesium in your body.

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