Strong Pain Relief Balm User Reviews

Because being in pain is a Pain

After Aqua Jogging, and better Vision

I use it for my knees, shoulders & calves after aqua jogging. I massage my neck with it when it aches sometimes from the draughts as well as my wrists & fingers. I massage my body wherever it's aching & only take panadols when I have to. I have started applying the Magnesium Oil around

Ana L

Costochondritis Pain Relief Natural

OMG Does it work! I use the strong pain balm nearly every day for sciatic but the root spray worked amazingly well for soft tissue pain in my ribs (costochondritis). Almost full relief within about 3 minutes of rubbing it in. Nothing else has worked as well in nearly 35 years of having the damn


Foreskin Caught in Zipper

A friend used on his foreskin caught in zipper, he put on as soon as it stopped bleeding. He said great for pain, and its healing fast. John D

John D

Neck Shoulder Pain Balm Sleep Mag Oil

I am finding the magnesium oil amazing!...the strong relief balm is great to massage into my neck/shoulder & the oil morning & night.I have had only 1 headache since I have started using! Applying the magnesium oil before bed is really helping me to relax and sleep & no headaches in the morning!

Andy Dakers

Trying to get off prednisone

My specialist has put me on methotrexate have been on it for 4 weeks now. Trying to get off prednisone I often use the cream at night on my thumbs. Will recommend to others for you. Review from Dawn C from Chch: Dawn definitely has referred new people to me over the years, and has

Dawn C from Chch

Best first aid kit

You are a star !!! Can't get enough of your root spray, Cayenne balm, strong balm and magnesium.oil. Every household must have these instead of a first aid kit ... Excited for my order to arrive THANKS x

Serena Rogers

SPR for Family

I bought the strong pain relief a little while ago for myself, my sister and my parents and I can honestly say that it is amazing stuff!! I have used it on my knee, my wrist, my husbands back and shared it with a few friends and they have said the same. It's quite unbelievable!!


helped so so much

This balm is amazing!! Has helped so so much!

Lisa Bailey

Pain Balm vs Insect stings and Bites

Your pain relief cream is GREAT for mosquito and sandfly bites, stops the itching str8 away. Jan McP Also Bee and Wasp Stings stops pain and itching later Lynny

Jan McP

Pain Free Horse Riding

Use Magnesium spray on my shoulders,knees and ankles.then extra strong balm on my feet and can ride 4/5 hours

Mary K

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