Strong Pain Relief Balm User Reviews

Because being in pain is a Pain

93 year old belly dancing granny

she lives in a caravan in a holiday park down near Wellington. She is 93 years young, has never taken any medications in her life... Thats pretty amazing huh...
She said she has all the aches and pains you expect after living that long, but now she needs a hip replacement since she is considered too old for an op

Daisy from Wellington

it does work to relieve pain

I've tried the pain cream and it does work to relieve pain, it is also ideal for relieving bruises and for healing broken bones and similar injuries.

Christine Leov-Lealand

1 tin last more than a year

burning and painfully swollen finger, After 12 months using my Strong Pain Relief I cant believe the tin is not empty. I use this stuff regularly too. Last night I had a burning and painfully swollen finger. Massaged in a little bit of strong pain relief. This morning finger is back to normal. A little

Lynda Van Kooten

Damaged Hands

My husband rubbed it in all over his hands as he has done a lot of damage to them both... and he was really happy with the relief of pain 🙂 and a little does go a long way! He says thank you!!


Pain Free Horse Riding

Use Magnesium spray on my shoulders,knees and ankles.then extra strong balm on my feet and can ride 4/5 hours

Mary K

knees and hands SPR

I ordered the Strong Pain Relief Balm after a good friend suggested your products. I have to say I wasn't expecting the results I'm getting, I can't thank you enough for making this product. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 20 (now 27) and I have never used something that is this

Sarah Hull

Hip Replacement

gave me a bit to try on my hip that needs replacing, took the pain away beaut.

Paul D

Sons CNS Pain Relief

My 9 year old has CNS, which is a form of chronic pain and it helps him with both pain relief and sleeping. We had tried everything else, he was on sleeping pills and 300mg of gabapentin 3x a day for the pain that did absolutely nothing but make him tired. Since starting to use

Bridget Verrall

waiting for a hip replacement

Dear Lynny, I'd like some more of your magic cream, I brought some for my own arthritis but used it on my husband, he's waiting for a hip replacement, and says its wonderful, doesn't take away all the pain, but he's walking without stick now. We still have a six month wait, so can we


Foreskin Caught in Zipper

A friend used on his foreskin caught in zipper, he put on as soon as it stopped bleeding. He said great for pain, and its healing fast. John D

John D

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