Strong Pain Relief Balm User Reviews

Because being in pain is a Pain

Hip Replaced Waiting

I read the post about using on hip that needed replacing, I got your cream the next day for my husband, he says its working a treat, and will have a pain-free Christmas because of it, I'm sending a check for 3 pots, to go to different people, it'll be too late for Christmas, but


not in pain

I'm using the magnesium oil on my back with the SPR on the sole of my feet at bedtime and am actually waking to find I am not in pain for the first time in years

Angela Stuart

osteoarthritis in her spine, hip, knee and thumb

I just spoke to a lovely woman on the phone, she has osteoarthritis in her spine, hip, knee and thumb. She recommends the strong pain relief is very good, but add a couple of sprays of the root pro spray to the balm, and mix it together before applying and it's a wonderful combination, she puts it on after her morning shower, and it lasts her all day, she has gone from being housebound to now able to do about half the aisle in a big supermarket and she was bone on bone in her back and hip,

Lynny B about Ina

Lynnys Service

Well, where do I start? Firstly very impressed with Lynnys service! My order was easy to do and received my first pot of strong pain relief cream very quickly just two days ago. I love the fact the cream doesn't have an overpowering smell, just a comforting herbal scent. Original I ordered, thinking of my

Colette Day

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief 60%

I have been using the strong pain relief balm and the root pro spray for the last few weeks and can say they DO work. I suffer constant chronic pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and have not been able to take strong painkillers as they make me ill. I have been living with the pain

Sue D

Knees, wrists and hands

The parcel arrived yesterday 27/9I used the Strong Pain Relief Balm for my knees,wrists and hands as I suffer from carpal tunnel and painful knee joints,i also put some magnesium on my feet.I have to say I woke up this morning with no pain at all after 8years and tons of pain meds, anti inflammatory

Wai Allen

huge amount of pain

Strong Pain Relief Balm I have found them to work well ...pain relief has taken away a huge amount of pain and allowed a lot more movement where before it was tight and very sore...

Tngaire Grubner

fibro pain reduced

I have fibromyalgia and constantly in pain - especially at night. I got the strong pain relief and use it every night - wow at last a decent sleep. I'm not 100% pain free but I am certainly feeling better. Love this product

Leeanne Dunn

Review Dairy Farmer

Review Dairy Farmer. That pain cream of your's is dam good, it fixes everything. I want a bigger container though, do you do an 2ltr icecream container? 2 weeks ago, a cow ripped her foot open, used your cream, and its healing good.

Dave S, Manuwatu

Trying to get off prednisone

My specialist has put me on methotrexate have been on it for 4 weeks now. Trying to get off prednisone I often use the cream at night on my thumbs. Will recommend to others for you. Review from Dawn C from Chch: Dawn definitely has referred new people to me over the years, and has

Dawn C from Chch

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