Tears of joy streaming down my face right now. My neighbour, a lovely Maori woman, had a stroke 2 years ago, I visited her on Tuesday last week, her left hand still just curled up like a lose fist, she has never been able to straighten fingers, even moving her fingers with her other hand didn’t open them although they did move a little… and the skin on her hand was darker, and her fingers were very very dark compared to the rest of her skin almost black. It was puffy and swollen.
Her hand wasn’t causing her pain, it was just useless, and her fingers were getting caught on things like when putting a coat on.
I felt her hands, to see what the movement was, and just naturally grabbed my cream to ensure my hands glided over her skin easily and didn’t hurt, and gave them a wee massage.
She said it felt nice, so I suggested she start massaging my cream on her hand, whenever she was sitting watching TV, thinking that moving the muscles in the hand could only be a good thing.

I just saw her a few minutes ago, she was all smiles and happy… something I haven’t even seen before, she told me to come sit down inside, and showed me her hand, not only is the skin on her hand and fingers now the same colour as her arm, the swelling was gone, and the veins on the back of the hand showed clearly….. she then said, “hey Doctor Lynny watch this”… and showed me how she could open her fingers up about half way to straight.. !!! yes she had to use her other hand to move her fingers, BUT THEY MOVED AND MOVED ALOT !!!!!
I asked someone there to take a photo, she sat with her hand over the arm of the lounge chair, her fingers looked like they were curled naturally…. I suggested she keep that photo, and keep massaging that hand and we would check next week, and see if there was any improvement…..
I will try to get a photo tomorrow, but have to wait for a couple of weeks until I get my card reader, so by then, there maybe something to show you all…. I never thought this would happen, I just thought that moving the muscles in a paralyzed hand wouldn’t hurt… I have seen photos of some black toes that using my cream on, had their normal colour back within a few days, and I did hope maybe the colour would get a bit better, but didn’t want to get her hopes up….. I’m so jazzed….. frustrated that I can’t show you, but can’t do anything about that… one day i will have a camera that can take photos, and upload to facebook…. just not now.

Update a week later;
Update: Neighbours hand after a stroke.stroked hand
I was talking to my neighbour this morning, she was massaging her hand, that was paralyzed from a stroke two years ago, with the pain relief cream. Today is 10 days since I last told you about it. The amount her hand can be made to open is so much better again, we are both thrilled….
I took a photo of what how much it could open 10 days ago, and then how much it opens today…. then the batteries run out again…. so photos aren’t that good, but slightly better than nothing…
When she started using the cream not even 3 weeks ago, the fingers were curled back to her palm, isn’t the difference amazing???hand moving after dtroke
She can’t move her fingers open herself, but they are open more than what they were for a start at resting position… does that make sense. Anyway she said, her hand and arm is starting to feel alive again. 🙂 🙂 They tingle nicely. That is promising I believe.
Anyway, check the photos, the first one is one we did today, to show how much it could open last week, by holding my hand … and the second is today, just look how much different, fingers are no far from being straight

She is massaging both sides of her hand, and up her arm to her elbow. 🙂