Living with stress on a daily basis

Let’s look at some stress factors that can be present in our daily lives without even realizing it!
Every day responsibilities like work & family can cause stress. People have very different ideas in respect to their definition of stress, the most common forms of stress are physical, emotional, mental, and tension.

There are 2 kinds of stress, the good kind of stress is eustress or positive stress which can be, getting married, having a baby, a work promotion, new friends, graduating and winning money.

The bad kind of stress is distress or negative stress which can be, getting a divorce, injury, being punished, financial problems, work problems, negative feelings, or even ling term health problems.

The definition of stress for most people tends to focus on the negative feelings and the emotions it produces. Just like when we are watching the evening news or when we are on social media, it can trigger anxiety or fear & panic with all that is going on in the world! It can cause chest pain, migraines, depression or overeating and so on.

Here is an example of a scenario that a lot of you can relate to:

We have just arrived home to find a bill in our mailbox and we are trying to figure out how to pay for that because we also have our children’s camp fees due this week too. We are also dealing with the external stress of a work issue or deadline and so our stress factors are raising our blood pressure and causing heart palpitations and we haven’t eaten today because we have been too busy so our blood glucose levels are elevated and we have a headache coming on. To top that off our kids are hungry, nagging for an afternoon snack and we haven’t been to the supermarket to get what we were planning to make for dinner, but this bill & camp fees are due and our payday is not until the end of the week!!!

Our nervous system is now on high alert from all of this daily stress. Panic is setting in, the kids are now arguing and you are now feeling exhausted!!
STOP! Just stop for a moment or two and breathe.

Give yourself a few moments to collect your thoughts together and start prioritizing what you need to do right now.
Everything else can wait! The only way you are going to cope with all of this and get through the rest of your day is to deal with one thing at a time. This will help to calm your stress levels down. First off can you delegate any responsibilities? Find something that is nutritious and healthy for the kids to eat, fresh fruits, nuts & seeds, crackers & cheese, and a cup of water. This will help them to calm down a bit and allow you a little time to do what is needed next.

While the kids are eating prepare a good meal for them, some vegetables and chicken or fish fingers or grass fed meat.
Now take a break! Put on hold any thoughts of other things that you know you are stressed about until the kids are in bed. Spend some time with them, it may be a game or homework or reading to them or putting some music on and dancing around the lounge with them. If the kids are a bit older they tend to do their own thing and sometimes it’s really good for them to have you engage with them or check in with them to let them feel they are valued, cared for and loved.
Once the kids are in bed take another break to collect your thoughts, then you can think on how you can best work out these things that have triggered your stress.

A suggestion for this could be that you work out exactly what date that bill is due and when the camp fees are due in comparison to what date your payday is.
It may be that you can pay the bill and talk to the school to arrange and automatic payment to cover the fees or you can pay half the bill this pay and the rest next week which allows you to pay a portion of the camp fees in agreement with the school with being able to pay off the rest over the school term or something similar.

Now you can take a look through your kitchen cupboards and have a think about what you have to make meals, breakfast, lunches etc for the family until payday. What do you have in your freezer? Maybe you have a chicken that you can roast one night then use the chicken frame to make up a soup for the following night, or you have a pack of mince that you can split into making 2 meals. Also think of recipes that you can easily prep and they can cook themselves eg, soup, casserole, roast, lasagne etc.

If you can take away some of the stress of having to stay in a kitchen to cook a meal then it helps free up time for other things. Now take another break. Talk with your partner, call a friend, watch a movie, have a bath, and allow yourself time to relax and unwind. When you are ready then look at what needs doing next.
Having a budget written up each week so you know where you are financially. Allow flexibility in that budget, it would be good to think ahead of time too. Once you get into the swing of a budget it will be less stressful. It could go something like this; you pay a set amount each week for rent or mortgage, power, phone, internet, food and petrol. You have ex amount of dollars left each payday. Now think of appointments, events, schooling, daycare, birthdays, WOF, rego etc and allow for those payments in your budget.

Now the last thing on your list is that work issue or deadline. Try and take the emotion out of the process, I know that’s not easy, however it needs to be sorted and there are many ways you can approach this and do this with as minimal stress attached. Can you talk with your boss? Delegate work tasks? Take a mental health day to sort it out or to de-stress, or ask for help, just to name a few.
The idea of going through all the steps above was to show you just how much daily stress is present in our lives. This type of daily stress we tend to ignore or push down. And left uncontrolled this stress affects your health and your body, especially the nervous system and your immune system. The flow on of this is illness and disease, which for some can be life long!

So find ways to balance out your lifestyle. Try and stay positive, enjoy time with your family and friends & also have some down time for yourself. Expect the unexpected and do not try and control the uncontrollable! Prioritize what needs to be dealt with and remember to have a sense of humor, eat well, exercise and allow plenty of time for sleep. If you are balanced then things dont seem to be or feel as bad. Your health is very important and stress over time can become chronic stress and this can become a health crisis, and that can lead to sleep deprivation triggering or causing chronic and terminal illness where the body has the inability to release adrenaline and other stress hormones.

So please take some time now to think about possible stress causes in your daily life and how you can better manage the levels of stress associated with that. In the meantime you can use magnesium oil spray to help relieve the many symptoms associated to stress like muscle tension, aches & pains, migraines, elevated blood pressure , fatigue and insomnia. Stress is a huge magnesium thief and using the magnesium oil spray will help to replace this very Important nutrient.