Stress for men during their partners pregnancy.

There was a study done a few years ago in NZ with 3523 men that either had a pregnant partner or they had recently had a baby in relation to stress and postnatal depression.
It is not only women that suffer from this it can also be men!
The outcome of that study was that expectant fathers were at risk of depression symptoms if they felt stressed or were in poor health. Higher rates of depression symptoms during the pregnancy were associated with adverse social and relationship factors.Expectant and new fathers experience biological and ecological stressors, including changes to brain circuit’s, hormones and structures that increase their risk of depression symptoms. Paternal depression that can be linked to genetic and psychosocial factors that are associated with negative child outcomes, including behavioral and emotional problems.
Depression rates amongst men ranged between 2% to 19% in comparison to women ranging between 12% to 19% during pregnancy.
Although the risk for women includes unplanned pregnancy, domestic violence, lack of social or relationship support, past mental illness, low socioeconomic status, physical illness, multiple births and hormonal changes, for men the risks are anxiety, daily ‘hassles’, having stressed and depressed partners, higher alcohol consumption, low income, marital conflict, unemployment, and even renting!
Sadly in NZ men are not assessed or checked up on during pregnancy or just after the birth of their child. Having discussions with both the pregnant mother and father would provide information for them to find help and social support if they are stressed out and suffering from depression symptoms. They need to know they are not alone in this pregnancy.
We need to increase the awareness amongst expectant fathers about these risks for not only their wellbeing but also for the child’s future health.

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