The comfrey root oil I make was again something I stumbled upon.

In April of 2018, a Facebook friend Rob, had given me a large pile of comfrey roots to plant in my garden to ensure they were organic. The leaves were right there where I could pick them easily when I needed to, and after planting over 300 roots I still had quite a few roots left over.

Not wanting these roots to go to waste, I went online and did a few searches to see what could be made from them. I couldn’t find anything except for making a pulp from fresh roots, to use as a poultice. Being not so impressed with that, and since I had recently made hemp root balm, I chopped up a very small crockpot full of fresh roots, covered them with oil, and slowly cooked them, thinking the resulting oil might be useful for something, though heavens knew what. It wouldn’t be the first time I had wasted oil trying something out.

I froze about half the leftover roots and dried the other half. After a few days, I decided the roots had slow cooked enough. Well, that’s not quite true, the roots didn’t have a smell like the leaves do when heated, and actually, I forgot I had them cooking – I went to move something close to the crockpot and realised it was turned on. It was over a week later.

I thought, holy cow, those roots will be munted (no good) and stirred them, they were crispy. I chuckled to myself, thinking they would either be something really good, or a massive fail, musing it was more likely to be the latter.
I turned the crock pot off, to let it cool do, and promptly forgot about them again. A couple of days later I remembered them about 3 am, so I got out of bed to take the crock out of the crockpot and put it on the bench to remind me to throw it all out in the morning.

The next morning, deciding to just throw everything away, I used my bare hands to scoop out the roots, even though the arthritis in my hands had been bothering me that morning. By the second handful I realised my hands were absolutely pain-free and I could squeeze the roots very tightly – something I can’t do usually. By the time I finished getting the roots out of the oil, my whole body was pain free…

Thinking it was just “mind over matter”, I again tried that first oil out on others, not telling them what to expect, and again the results were almost instant, and the results lasted for up to 24 hours with some people.

Amazed, I got the roots out of the freezer and made up a bigger batch of the Root PRO Spray the second batch was even better than the first, I have a little trick one extracts, I won’t tell. It gave me 18-20 hours pain relief. I already had some small red bottles here that I had bought for something else that didn’t work out. I had some labels made, and I started selling it, and it has become an instant hit.

I have since gotten a whole heaped wheelbarrow full of roots from Rob when he dug 2 large comfrey patches in his organic garden, I have made several batches of the root oil now, and frozen about 4 or 5 kgs of finely chopped roots.

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