Today I met the loveliest woman, a local Nanny who had rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, they were so swollen and sore, and she was such a sweetheart.

I opened a new bottle of root PRO Spray, and ever so gently massaged 3 sprays into each hand, she said I was a true healer, she felt the healing coming from my hands, I know she wasn’t expecting what happened.

We talked about my other products, and what they were made off, and used for, and within 8 minutes the pain had gone, and she was flexing both hands to show me.

I just love watching faces of people as the pain leaves their body, its so humbling to see a face change like that, she left amazed it had worked so quickly and was so happy and full of smiles, and want to come back and see me about something else, but she just wants to enjoy her painless hands for now 🙂

Root PRO Spray – Acute Pain Relief