I had a phone call earlier today, from a local woman, she brought and used the comfrey cream on her knee, I think she said for varicose veins, it didn’t work for that pain, so she put the cream away.
A few months later, she was finding the arthritis in her hands was very painful, so she got the cream out again, it worked very well for arthritic hands, and wanted to order another pot of the comfrey cream.
I’m most interested to hear when the pain cream works, but also when it doesn’t work, there is just as as important to me.
I always ask every person what sort of pain they will be using it for, so now, if someone say’s they want it for varicose veins pain, I can say I’ve only had one person say they have used say they h for that, and it didn’t work. And to another person who wants it for arthritis pain, I’ve had loads of people tell me its great… and I know for myself, although my hands don’t seize up like claws like they used to before I made this cream, if I don’t use it for a week or 10 days I definitely notice the joints in my hands get a bit achy.

When I was a kid, my nana had bad arthritis, her fingers started curling up like the one in the picture, in those days they just cut fingers like that RA Damaged fingersoff, when I first meet my nana when I was about 10 years old, she had her little finger removed, by the time she died about 6 or 7 years later, she only had her thumb left.
So many times since I started making this cream, I have thought of her, and wished I had of known about it then, or even know that lovingly massaging those hands of her’s even with some oil, could have given her some relief.

When I first started making the comfrey cream, I lived in Richmond in Christchurch, there were retirement council flats behind the New World Supermarket I used to go to the men’s section and visit with the old coots there. .
My most favourite thing to do on a sunny day, was get on my mobility scooter and go around to those flats, the old guys would be sitting outside in the sun, I’d sit and chat to them, and rub my cream into their hands or feet, one old guy had gout which gave him a hell of a time, so I used it on his feet, he said he didn’t know if it was the cream or just having a lovely young woman massage his feet for 1/2 an hour, but the gout went away for months…. I believe gout is like that, it comes and goes at its own will, but I loved doing something for the old coot, and it’s nice to be referred to as a lovely young woman when I was 50 or so.

I find there is nothing better for my soul to do something like that, just for the love of giving someone something special, a couple of the old guys offered me money for doing their hands, or shoulder, elbow where-ever it hurt, and although I was often broke, I never took it, that wasn’t why I did it.
The money would have made it a job, I just loved doing it for the sake of doing it, they had pain, and I could do the massage.

After a while those old guys used to keep an eye out for me, when they saw my scooter, they would call out and invite me to their place first for a cuppa… the others would see me, and 2 or 3 of them would come over and talk and often jokingly tease the person that was getting the massage, I’d always be offered a cushion to sit on the step, while I did that persons foot, and the other guys would be offering me a better tasting tea, or a piece of cake, or something as a way of them being next… in the end it was nothing for me to go around there just after lunch, and still be there at 5.30…    
Gosh I miss those days, but I will do them again, I just have to be patient… patience if not one of my strong points, except when its patient with people. Most especially one of my old coots.

Cheers Lynny
I wrote this years ago but will publish it now.