Root PRO Spray – Rescue Remedy for Pain


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This is my strongest pain relief product and recommended for Acute, Flair-Up, or Relapse Pain or Nerve Pain.

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Root PRO Spray this is my Strongest Pain Relief product – The Rescue Remedy for Pain

PRO Spray is developed to be used on just for the very worst pain, as a last resort, to give yourself a break from flair-up pain a few days to 2 weeks and then I recommend to give yourself a break.

This is my strongest pain relief product and recommended for Acute, Flair-Up, Relapse Pain or Nerve Pain. or Pain the Strong Pain Reliefs Balm doesn’t quite do the trick for. Or try mixing the Strong Pain Relief Balm for widespread temporary pain relief. Try adding a couple of drops of your favourite relaxing essential Oil to give Root PRO Spray a soothing scent.

You will only need 2 or 3 sprays for most areas of pain, less for just hands.

Like all of my products, although it is safe and has been can be used on animals, it will never be tested on Animals.

Ingredients: Spray Free Comfrey Roots, Grapeseed Oil, and that’s all.

Absorbs quickly, No scent, Vegan-Friendly,

Useful for aching, feet, foot, ankle, calf, calves, knee, knees, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis (OA) Arthritis. hips. sciatic nerve, lower back pain, backpain, stomach pain, shoulder pain, shoulder, headache, migraine,  migraine, earache, toothache, and toothache.

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