Magnesium Oil – Muscles Love it


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Magnesium Oil Spray

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Magnesium Oil Spray

Spray on your skin and massaged in well:
Useful for not only Pain Relief but so to increased mag levels in your body, magnesium is vital for any muscle issues you may have.


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Magnesium Oil spread on your skin and massaged in well:
– Replenishes magnesium levels in the body
– Absorbs into skin and straight into your muscles where it is most needed
– Helps relieve pain and cramps because muscles need magnesium
– Nourishes your skin, nails, hair since muscles will always take available mag from your body.
– Increases your energy levels
– Helps soothe and relax muscles while relaxing your mind.
– A healthy way to detox, therefore, you detox quickly
– Builds a healthy immune system
– Supports cardiac health because your heart is a muscle
– Boosts immune system since white blood cells need Magnesium
– Aids restful healing sleep
– Fall asleep quickly wake up refreshed
– Reduces stress and Improves Mood
– Tonic for your whole body
– Be the best you can be Becuase you deserve it.

Interesting Fact:
Magnesium oil is not an oil, but very concentrated magnesium chloride suspended in pure water.

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