Magnesium Oil – 1st Aid for Pain


Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium Oil Spray
Spray on your your hand and massaged into skin well:

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Magnesium Oil is the best way to absorb Magnesium.
MAGNESIUM is an ESSENTIAL mineral that is necessary for the normal function of 300 enzymatic reactions in the body which are crucial in maintaining a healthy immune system, creating new energy producing cells, makes white blood cell hungrier, so the each more infections.

Still need convincing:

Magnesium also helps to maintain strong bones and teeth, ensuring healthy heart, nerve and muscle functions, balancing hormones, etc. and the ability to fight infections are just some of its attributes….
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Magnesium Oil spread on your skin and massaged in well:
– Replenishes magnesium levels in the body.
– The whole family can safely use Mag Oil.
– Great to use during pregnancy and childbirth. (read article)
– Absorbs into skin and straight into your muscles where it is most needed
– Helps stabilise blood sugar. Very good for diabetics. 
– Stops restless legs and cramps when used on lower legs and behind knees at night
– Helps relieve pain and cramps because muscles need magnesium
– Nourishes your skin, nails, hair since muscles will always take available mag from your body.
– Increases your bladder control, both during the day and during the night.

Still need convincing:

– Helps remove excess water caused by water retention.
– Increases your energy levels
– Helps soothe and relax muscles while relaxing your mind.
– A healthy way to detox, therefore, you detox quickly
– Builds a healthy immune system
– Supports cardiac health because your heart is a muscle
– Boosts immune system since white blood cells need Magnesium
– Aids restful healing sleep
– Fall asleep quickly wake up refreshed
– Reduces stress and Improves Mood, ie: Depression and Anxiety.
– Just helps you cope better with stresses of daily life.
– Tonic for your whole body.
– Be the best you can be Because you deserve it.

Interesting Fact:
Mag oil is not an oil, but very concentrated magnesium chloride suspended in pure water.


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