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100ml Strong Pain Relief Balm
50ml Root PRO Spray

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The Blitz Pain Relief Pack.
Blitz Pain Pack was created by customer demand it contains:
100ml Strong Pain Relief Balm(for chronic Ongoing Pain)
50ml Root PRO Spray (for flare-up acute or nerve pain)

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Strong Pain Relief Balm relieves most types of pain between 40-100% from a sore big toe to headaches. Very good for arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, earache, toothache. Even inflammation, edema, strong muscle, pain, joint pain heals skin and bruises quickly. Because Pain is a Pain.
Ingredients: Homemade Comfrey Leaf Extract, Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Tiny amounts Menthol, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint.

50ml Root PRO Spray This is my strongest pain relieving product and recommended just for Severe, Acute, Flair-Up, or Relapse Pain not everyday use.  Or you try mixing a couple of sprays with the Strong Pain Relief Balm for widespread pain relief periodically.
Ingredients: Homemade Comfrey Root Extract, Grapeseed Oil.

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