So I’m pretending I have ordered my products and I’m waiting for them to arrive, I have checked out my body, like described in Which Product/s Would Suit You Part 1, and found I have pain in various degrees in several places,
Neck and shoulders, 3/10
left thumb 6/10
upper back 6/10
lower back 4/10
tailbone 7/10
left ankle (3 year old sprain) 3/10
right foot, in padding under 3rd and 4th toes 3/10

But I have a whole host of places I don’t hurt, so that’s a great start. 🙂
Now my plan of action when the products I ordered arrive.

First I will do another quick body scan, and see if there is any pain anywhere that wasn’t hurting when I did the scan above. Then recheck all the area’s I did find pain above, have any of the pain levels increased or decreased. Make a note.

First, the pain in my upper back sort of between my lower shoulder blades is now 8/10 and the place that hurts the most. Its a tricky cow of a place to reach on my own, so I’ll choose the Root PRO Spray because its easiest to absorb in. First I massage a spray into my left thumb, so both my hands are working freely. But my upper back the place that’s a tricky cow to reach,
Here is a visual that will give a chuckle.
Now here is my trick, I use a slotted cooking spoon put a spray on the bottom or underside of the spoon, and stand in a doorway, using the door frame as balance against, and put the spoon in the place that should touch my back at the right place, and then gently lean against the spoon, and well wiggle lol… This is really good to get pressure points you can\t quite reach as well, you might like to do a test run. 🙂 A soup ladle can work well too. Where there is a will there is a way. 🙂 🙂 🙂
If all this sounds too weird, think of a friend, one with pain in their hands is good, and ask them to massage or rub the balm or oil in for you, the bonus of course is their hands will feel better as well. Win-win 🙂
Note: When I was testing the strong pain relief when I first made it to sell, I was massaging it into a flatmates back twice a day, after about 3 or 4 days, I realised my back had not bothered me in those days. It finally dawned on me, that just by using both my hands to massage their back, I was getting enough balm into my system. I have told several people that they do not hand to actually put the balm on exactly where they hurt. I dunno if they believed me 🙂 But while experimenting try rubbing the balm or oil somewhere that is easy to reach, like maybe arms.

So the Products arrive… YAHHH
I write down the time I put the balm or oil on and what my pain level is. Then I put on the kitchen timer for 10 minutes to remind me, and I check again what the pain level is. For me, with either product, I can notice the pain start to reduce while I’m still rubbing it in. Depending on how bad it is to start all or 90% of the pain is gone in 3-5 minutes.

So now my thumb and upper back are feeling good, I notice my tailbones is a bit annoying, so I rub the Root Spray there too, noting the time. I notice the other places that were annoying and decide I’ll leave them today, so I relax with much less pain and fall asleep. Obviously the root PRO Spray. gives awesome Pain Relief.
When I wake, I do a quick scan of my pain areas, and note is the pain had returned or not.
Once the pain does return, try testing the strong Pain Relief Balm, and see how that works. Then try the Magnesium Oil, I also talk(think) to my body alot, I say things like, OK Body, I know you are hurting, I’m going to try This new Strong Pain Relief Balm on the Pain on Middle back pain, I want you to feel how it helps you, so you can tell me, when you think the balm would help you most. Then when you are paining someone just say or think to yourself, ok thumb pain, or ankle pain or where-ever I wonder what product would work the best. Chances are with a few minutes, you will think which product to use.

My Point in all this, Only I know how my pain feels and the best way to find out how to use my products is to experiment, think outside the box. Making a study of my pain, helps me understand how my products work on me,
The more I put into it now, the easier it will be later when working out what works for what pain.

To Be continued….