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I love Lynny’s herbal products and have bought the strong pain relief cream which I use everyday, magnesium- amazing, and just got the pro root oil which is my favourite! She is also super helpful and rang me about my order to check it was right. Thanks Lynny. I’ll be a customer for life. Definitely need more retailers like you! No wonder you have so many positive reviews.

Lois James

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Why Magnesium Oil is vital for our Body.

Information on why Magnesium is vital to our health. Magnesium is a vital mineral for over 300 biochemical reactions that regulate our health and wellness. Magnesium is in every organ in our body. A lack of magnesium in our bodies can cause a number of problems for...

Magnesium Oil hairs on legs

An odd discovery about using magnesium oil we think. Last night I was talking on the phone again, the woman talked about a sensation she felt when she put mag oil on her legs especially nothing bad, but she asked if I had felt it to, so we both ended up putting...

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The pain grew much worse over the years and Lynny was confined to a bed most of the time. Using a wheelchair when she went to the doctor – the only time she left the house. She became depressed and suicide was never far from her mind. Suicide attempts would feature many times and was the only thing at which Lynny was a total failure…


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