My Old Coot Joel.

I have always had a soft spot for old guys that come into my life, I call them my “Old Coots”.
One of my old coots called himself Joel, it wasn’t his real name but he liked Joel better.
Joel was one of the first of 5 homeless men that used my comfrey pain relef cream (now Strong Pain Relief Balm) I never got a photo of him, but he reminded me of my Dad as all my Old Coots do, but Joel is special and used to wear a red hat like Dad’s one, so I’ll put dad’s photo with this story.

I first met Joel back when I was still taking painkillers so it must be over 4 years ago, then he was homeless and living in a park near where I lived in Christchurch. I started making the comfrey balm, and gave it to the homeless guys as something they could use on their weathered skin and cracked heels. Joel was the first one of those old coots to tell me that that cream I gave him was very good for pain. He had broken his toe, and was able to walk albeit timidly on his foot with a broken big toe, and in no time at all that toe was healed. He just loved my strong pain relief balm, and later the kawakawa balm and then magnesium oil as they came along.

Just before I left Christchurch, I got a new cheap mobile phone, and gave Joel my old phone with $20 credit, Joel would text me in fits and starts over the years, asking me to ring him, which I did when I could afford to and I would catch up with what the old ratbag was up to. I would send him care packages of my potions and various concoctions I’d make and a prepaid credit for the phone again when I could afford to.

Joel would get a place to live about once a year, but like my Dad had a liking for alcohol, and would at times the grog would get the best of him, he’d drink too much, and get kicked out of that place. Joel didn’t have any family that wanted anything to do with him, so he’d be back on the street for the rest of the year.

A couple of months ago, I again changed my then smartphone, and sent the old one to Joel, and asked another friend in Christchurch to teach Joel how to go to the place with free wifi, and Joel would ring always after 10 pm, so he didn’t interrupt my business and chat to me about all and sundry, he was truly an old scamp, He had joined and learned how to use this website under his real name, and would read my Personal Posts and Lynny’s Herbal Potions page.

He read the post I made yesterday on my personal page about my new home and how the section was coming together. About planting comfrey and sent me a message to ring him. We talked for about 2 hours, during the conversation when talking about comfrey, I was telling him how Vivvy had dug up some of the first comfrey roots I had planted when I first got here, and how I had put a stone by the plants as I could see starting them grow to protect them and he asked me if when he died (which will be soon) if I will write his name on a stone and put it beside one of the comfrey plants to protect it, just to remember him by. I thought that was a lovely idea, and told him I didn’t have to wait until he died. I will do it when it was dry outside 🙂

I wrote the above post about 18 months ago, Joel was thrilled to have a rock in his name, and for he would always ask how his rock was.
I heard a few months back Joel had died, just before Xmas, I wish him well on his new Journey and often think of him and my dad probably getting up to all sorts of mischief together and Joel telling dad about our friendship, Two peas from the same pod those two.

I feel blessed to have Joel in my life for so many years.

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