Good morning, folks and folkses gosh I woke up yawning this morning, and still having jaw breaker yawns 30 minutes later. That’ll teach me for not using my mag-oil last night and the night before, mag-oil ensures a sound, well rested sleep. waking up ready to go for the day, all I feel like doing is crawling back to bed… well it was warm in bed afterall.

.So what does today have in store for me, it looks like a lovely sky outside, I can’t even see a cloud from where I’m sitting.

Oh the chooks need feeding,
hang on I’ll be back.
a few minutes later…holy cow, I know how to wake myself up in the future, I went to get a scoop of chook food and forgot at about the mouse, that’s made its winter home in the garage. Its never been in the chook food bag before.
Anyway, the wee chap not only ran over my hand but also up the inside of my hoody sleeve.
That got my heart pumping for sure, but what could I do, it was terrified, I just got a fright. It’s not like I could rip my clothes off and the mouse might get hurt if I tried that.

So I made a deal with the mouse, if it didn’t bite me while I feed the chooks, it would give me time to think about how to get a mouse out of my clothes…Oh the way down to feed the chooks, I started remembering about Dinglemouse that used to live in Tommy’s pocket, from the kids story Badjelly the Witch, and wondered did my mouse maybe need a lightswitch to find its way out.
No I didn’t think about keeping the mouse, I know I’m eccentric, but I do have my limits, well I didn’t before, but I’m not really keen on mice, they are ok to watch, and anyway it’s wild.

As I walked back from the chooks, I could feel the mouse coming back down my sleeve, I told it that it had to come out, I laid my arm on the worm farm and he scuttled out none the worse for his experience.
I bet he’s on Mouse Facebook now, tell about his scary start to the morning, and his friends are commenting that he should have bitten Me or peed on my shirt. and another friend saying, “no man you did the right thing” I knew that old tart when she

bad jelly the witch book cover.

A delightful children story.

lived down here in Christchurch, she’s pretty funny, she used think she can talk to me too.
But she’s kind and harmless if you sit where she can see you, and look pathetic and hungry, I bet she will go get the peanut butter she just keeps to feed her hedgehogs, and gives you some.

So after a start to the day like this, I wonder what the rest of the day will bring. Cheers Lynny

I just went to have a look for the cover of the book Badjelly the Witch as a picture for this story, I can see her resemblance to me.

here is the story of Badjelly the witch read by Spike Milligan Himself.