Magnesium deficiency; signs & symptoms

Fact: only 1% of your available magnesium is present in your blood serum. And your body only regulates that amount very very tightly because magnesium is essential and facilitates over 400 biochemical reactions in your body, every single minute of every single day.  Its vitally Important for life! It is an essential mineral, it is an element,  and your body can not make elements, so you have to supplement them either by ingesting them through your diet, taking a supplement, bath in Epsom salts, or by using Lynnys magnesium oil every single day!

Let’s talk about some signs and symptoms that might give you a heads up that you are low in magnesium.
If you have just an overall low energy level that could be many a number of medical issues and you need to see your doctor for that, but magnesium is vital in the right limiting steps for the production of ATP, that’s the energy molecule in your body, so if your not able to make ATP as effectively as you should do then you are going to have low energy levels, so that is one symptom of magnesium deficiency.
Another is tachycardia, or fast heart rate. Calcium tends to make your heart contract,  and magnesium tends to make your heart relax, and if you dont have enough magnesium then your heart wont relax as it should during the contractions & relaxation cycle, and you can wind up with a fast heart rate.
Another is numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes, magnesium is critical for the normal function of nerves all over your body, but especially down in your fingers and toes, and if you dont have enough magnesium you could have tingling/numbness sensations. It could be a number of other issues too, however it could be as simple as a magnesium deficiency.
A big sign of magnesium deficiency is muscle cramps or muscle twitches, even the twitch you get around your eye area, it is almost always a magnesium deficiency or possibly potassium, so try a bit of magnesium oil around the area.Magnesium Oil
Another big sign is Constipation, magnesium will help with that like no other element will, and the good thing is magnesium has a valve which will tell you if you are taking too much magnesium supplements orally you will get diarrhea, as most magnesium supplements have to travel through your gut and are passed out via your colon. That’s your body’s way of saying, back up on the magnesium. If you are taking magnesium supplements orally when this happens then cut right down and just use Lynnys magnesium oil to keep sufficient magnesium levels, as magnesium oil bypasses the intestinal area & goes directly to where the magnesium is needed in the body. So if you are chronically constipated magnesium might be the right way to go to solve this problem.
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