I have just been talking on the phone with one of my older potion users. I have spoken to her on and off for over a year now, when I first “met” her, I really didn’t think she sounded much older than me, she had a sharp mind and quick wit and a true delight to talk to. But lets start at the start.

Anyway, Marie’s granddaughter had bought some Strong Pain Relief hoping it would help Marie’s knee’s especially, Marie needed a knee replacement, but because of her advanced age, the doctors had decided to, in Marie’s words “just feed me on painkillers, let me be a burden on everyone, until I died”

That first pot of balm was used up very quickly with Marie sharing it with a couple of others in the home. Now apparently after the granddaughter first used the balm on her Nan’s hands, the conversation on many visits has been about me, my products, and different uses for them and of course most recently articles about old coots, and my various antics.

Anyway, on a phone-call about a year ago, Marie was having a bad day. Her bladder was worn out and she had to wear nappies for a couple years. She was most upset that her nappy had leaked, and the urine had burned her skin.
She just hated having to rely on other people especially about things as personal as weeing herself. Then she mentioned that she could hold about a cup of urine when I asked if a cath would be better. But she said she preferred to be still able to go to the toilet when she could but she leaked alot as well.

I saw that as a good thing, that she could hold some wee, there was hope. But not wanting to get her hopes up, I talked to her about sleep and and cramp, she asked about Magnesium Oil, and did I think it might help her sleeping,

I was unsure the mag oil being so strong, if her skin would handle it, so I sort of put her off, saying I would think about it, and went off and made a couple of smaller bottles ones at ¼, ½ strength and the last bottle at full strength in a 100ml bottle.

So I sent them off with a note to her grandaughter of how to use the smaller bottles for a start just to check Marie’s skin would not get irritated using the stronger brew I always make. handle it.

I didn’t hear anything for about a 10 days, then Marie rang and thanked me for the mag oil, saying her granddaughter had left them with her, and she found the smaller bottles to fiddly to hold, and she couldn’t use the spray top with her creaky hands, so had asked a nurse to remove the top from the bigger bottle Marie could just just tipped some in her hand, and applied it. I was shuddering inside thinking about her using the strong one.

Anyway long story short about her using it herself, she would apply it anywhere she could reach and had indeed found that she was sleeping much better, even with the woman in the next room “snoring and farting all night”

She said the mag oil felt funny on her hands when it was dried, so she keep a wet facecloth beside her for a start and would would wipe her hands when she had done applying it. And how grandaughter has had seen my write something on the potions page about apply mag oil 20-30 minutes before a shower, so once it had dried and wouldn’t absorb anymore, and she had done that for when she applied the big lot… I smiled to myself and asked her how often she was applying during the day, and when she relied well she had nothing else to do, so she was applied a few sprays on her lower arms, several times a day.

About two weeks later she rang me again, and said how this magnesium oil was wonderful, her hands were moving so much better, the arthritis didn’t seem so bad, she was able to stand up and walk much easier, and only used the walker for balance and as a “just in case” she might need to sit down but was finding she had more energy than she used to have.

I was dying to ask about her bladder control, and if there had been any improvement, when she said, that she was sleeping right through the night, and guess what she had noticed… and went on to tell me how she had noticed that when she went to the toilet during the day, she was weeing much more than she used to be able to hold and could only thing it must have been something to do with the Mag Oil. We were both happy about that the holding on longer part and I told her about why mag oil helped the bladder muscles to hold on better.

By the next phone call again about 2 weeks later and 5 or 6 weeks after she first started using the mag oil, she reported that the darn nappies were a thing of the past, they had been dry both waking in the morning and during the day for about 10 days, and she didn’t need them anymore. Absolutely thrilled I said how I had hoped she would get better bladder control, but never thought there would be that much improvement.

She said she never wanted to run out of mag oil, and could she order another one even though she still had plenty left, she said her granddaughter would do the payment. I noticed the payment was for both the bottle I had just sent, and the bottles I first sent as a gift.

Marie has now tried all of my products except the cayenne one which she doesn’t need, and I have had orders from a couple of nurses that look after her, they have been amazed at the improvements they couldn’t help but notice.

Today she was asking me to write more of the longer blog posts because she enjoyed reading them, when I said I didn’t realise she had read any of them, I thought her grand daughter just told her about them, she proudly announced she had been reading my fb potion page and website for almost a month now, on her new tablet contraption.

Oh how I laughed as she told be how she had moved into the digital age, and some of the problems she had had for a start. Her great granddaughter had come to visit her with her mother, and had bought Marie this tablet, and was coming back each week to teach her how to do something new on it. Apparently she had links on the to both my fb page and website, so she could just open either one easily. She now knew how to make links work, on my website. I told her how to read the older posts in the blog present from to day back to 3 years ago, she tried what I said, and said she would start reading after the phone call.

So we went on to discussed and laugh about some of posts I had made, and comments I have made especially about about how I will have some good stories to tell in the nursing home I will eventually end up being put into.
I ended up receiving some sound business advice from Marie, I can only dream that I will be as switched on as she is when I’m her age Marie, she will be 90 at her next birthday.

I look forward to all her calls, but the next ones will be even more interesting, with hearing about her using this new tablet.

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