I’m not one for Essential Oils(EO), so I try to avoid them, as much as I can. Many people don’t like or are allergic to this EO one or that EO so I suggest folks use their own oils. Add a scent to one of my products.
Making my Cough Control is the one exception and it is something I really enjoy doing.

Collect all Ingredients

I get all my essential oils and Menthol Crystals out take the lid off each one, just to have a wee sniff. Then re-lid while I make sure I have everything. I heat up my oil and wax base, then cool it, and start adding the essential oils one at a time.  Always in order, Clove, Camphor, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen Essential Oils, and always last Menthol Crystals.

Cough Control Has Strong Smell

Although I can’t smell much by then, if anyone is here they always comment that the house smells amazing.  Since I can’t smell it, I always take the lid off the brew pot and let the smell waft out.
With the heat added to all those Oils intensifies them. Oh ye gods, even with the smallest of sniffs; my eyes just about pop out of my head, my head clears instantly.  Even if it was ok before that sniff.  My eyes get watery and pop back in, then turn heavenwards and in circles in opposite directions. Then settling down to a dopey looking cross-eyed.
The funny thing is each time it happens I stand there like a stunned mullet.  A bit of a hurt and surprised look on my face like I didn’t think it would happen this time, it really was just a tiny sniff.

Now standing there with all the sniffy smelly whatever does the smelling in my nose in a cross between cardiac arrest and a coma. I’m not sure what, feelings hurt cause I got sucked in again to sniffing it. I’m wondering if it’s all like woman forgetting the pain of giving birth.  Until they are doing it again or me just being thick.

First batch done

I give the pot and stir, and start filling the cans… First batch done, and it’s all good.  I pop the lids on while they cool down, so the smell won’t escape.  With 3/4 of a pot of cough control left, I take a rest to let them cool before going off to look for more cans.

Run Out of Cans.

And bugger me, there is only 4x80ml can left, now what kind of an idgit leaves four lonely cans, I mean what’s the point. and start fuming… until I remember I live alone and there was that time the phone rang when I was putting 4 cans into a tote to take out to fill them.  Sheepishly, I go out and ask the dog if she has been hiding cans, trying to shift the blame to her. Even though she never goes in the containers room. I make a cuppa tea and sit down to ponder the problem taking off my glasses to relax.
As I’ve said before, I have excellent problem-solving skills, and I hadn’t even taken the first sip of my tea, when I had my eureka moment.  Make a bigger tin, I have noticed that some people who have bought before are buying 2 cans at a time now.  Gloating to myself at what a clever old tart I was sometimes. I leave my almost perfect heat cup of tea I went back to the room I keep containers in, to look for the 150ml tins.  And wouldn’t you know it, they weren’t there. So after dragging on my gumboots at 1am, and grabbing my phone so I could use the torch, I wonder out to the shipping container.

Forgot my Glasses

Oh when will it end, remember I said I had taken my glasses off, well I couldn’t find the thingy on my phone to turn the torch on, I’m sure it was just a flick up from the bottom, but nothing happened after about 20 flicks, so I wondered inside again to find my glasses, eventually remembering I wasn’t in the kitchen when I took them off I grab them and wonder outside again.
Forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on.
Ok, so after finding the box with the bigger tins in, I grabbed about twenty of them, and almost got inside, before realising I hadn’t closed the container door… now I was tired from the stand and walking and grumpy.. so sat at the chair I have outside the front door, saying a lot of golly gosh swear words about hexing myself by telling myself I was a clever old tart.

Neverending Story

I tell yah it never ending. So after a rest, out to the container to shut the door, and walking back I was really really tired when I realised I had carried the tote of bigger tins out there a second time. O&&%$%)&^*^ there were swear words that would make a sailor blush. So I get back inside, put the cans down, and sit down, and pick up my cup to have a slurp of then now less than luke warm bluddy ‘orrible cuppa tea.

Did I mess up the recipe?

Out to the kitchen again to put the jug on, the 1st cans I filled were cooled so I sat at a seat I have out there and started putting the lids on tight. I sniffed one of the cans, and there doesn’t seem to be any smell, so like every other time I make Cough Control I have to leave them for house to air out.  In this case go to bed and deal with it in the morning, and until my sniffer parts in my nose have un-coma’ed.  Just in case, I didn’t do the measurements right, for this the biggest brew I have made of Cough Control.

And to think I started this account, saying I liked making Cough Control… LOL… I actually do enjoy making it, when not actually doing it at the time. I find in life fantasy is always better than reality. Thank goodness for that childbirth like amnesia I was talking about before. Otherwise there would be a lot of only children in the world, and a lot less cough control would be made here. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I just have to stop smelling it in the making.

Getting Cans ready for Orders

In saying that of course, there is nothing like the bliss of labeling the last can of Cough Control. Or wrapping the last of can of a batch in bubble wrap. An even bigger joy, is adding a can to an order. If I’m really lucky, the humbling feeling of reading a review of from someone who has  helped them so much. 🙂

End of another Day

It’s now 3 am, and I’ll post this, so folks getting up for work soon can have something to read with their breakfast.
So even though the 150ml pot of CoughControl doesn’t actually exist on the website yet, it will be a reality by the time the courier comes tomorrow,
I have enough balm I think I will make a 600ml pot, which I generally keep for making an emergency pot when I run out. I might think of a price and put it up for sale, I don’t expect to sell it, but it will be fun having it there. 🙂
Cheers Lynny

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