Magnesium Oil User Reviews

Dog Arthritis MagOil

Dog arthritis in spine Magnesium dogs.....they are 10 years old this girl has got certified arthritis in spine and my boy is showing signs....being about 95 human years...they carry on like puppies...but the signs of stiffness are definitely showing ...esp in the mornings....bones cracking and trouble walking ......soooo along comes MAG spray....i use it down their spines and give a massage...( they line up for this now...know the drill)....rub bout 10 sprays into morning....both are bounding around like absolute idiots....yes they are 10years old....and on no other pain girl Venus would normally be very sore and stiff and walking is clearly difficult.....yet now she bounds around like a 2 year this and I won't be going to get the weekly injection of anti-inflammatory jabs for them now.....wahooooo.

Dog Lover

sore muscles

This stuff really works! The Magnesium Oil has been terrific on sore muscles.

Michael Stace

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain. Swollen Hands Gone in an Hour A couple came here today 27 May 2017 about 1pm, and got the Duo of Magnesium Oil and Strong Pain Relief. I've just had these Messages at 6 hours later...Vicky H.
Hi Lynny, lovely meeting you today, hubby used the cream and the swelling had gone down within an hour and pain had eased, thank you so much. I just read a post where the person said they had psoriasis, and you said to add something to the cream, hubbys has flared up again and we just dont want the steriod cream and everything else they advise with all the yuck stuff in it. Are you able to help out in that department. Many thanks Vicky.
Lynny Said: Oh I'm very pleased about Hubbys hands, I have a grin from ear to ear. What was the actual problem with Hubby's hand that made them so swollen.
Vicky H. He supposedly has arthritis in the tendons and trigger finger. He read the info you gave with the magnesium and sprayed some on his hands which one he has not been able to touch his finger tips to his hand or straighten his hand out flat, he just showed me he can. He has this big smile and says the pain has eased so much. Thank you so much, i even had a little cry seeing him smile from less pain.
Lynny That is so darn neat, especially remembering his face when I was saying what the mag oil would do ... I'm chuckling I just love the men converts . Let him know I sell the balm in 600 ml pots and the mag oil in 1ltr and 2ltr containers.
Vicky H... They have been trying to get him to have his other hand operated on for trigger finger, tendons and carpel tunnel but he has said no. I  thought it would take a few days for a change but helped instantly, his trigger finger which it locks down and he has to crack it open is now making a squishy noise but it is not locking down he can open and close it by itself. You are wonderful, thank you.Lynny .. You are both so very very welcome....
Hey Vicky, since you gave me a great first review, next time you are in town, pop around and grab some complimentary Kawakawa Cream, we'll see if we can get that psoriasis behaving itself before I have to move.

Vicky H

My 75yr old mum-new dimension her life

I bought this triple pack for my 75yr old mum. She started using it last week when she came out of a 2 week stay in hospital. Mum suffers from polymyalgia & a knee which needs replacing. I cannot believe the difference in mum in just 1 week!!! She is bending her knee, her hands are less painful and she is down to peeing just twice a NIGHT!! Mum can be a little apprehensive about trying new things but tonight she mentioned getting me to rub her back when I am next on days off!! Thanks Lynney cos at this stage your products have brought a new dimension to mum's life!! We certainly won't be without your products in the house!! Great stuff????


Mag for instant pain relief

Totally endorse you order the Magnesium spray for instant pain relief!! Its been awesome, due to needing both hips replaced & also when my legs were ulcerated, the Magnesium spray would relieve the leg pain. Very thankful to Lynny’s Herbal potions...

Katrina Nicholson

Sons CNS Pain Relief

My 9 year old has CNS, which is a form of chronic pain and it helps him with both pain relief and sleeping.
We had tried everything else, he was on sleeping pills and 300mg of gabapentin 3x a day for the pain that did absolutely nothing but make him tired.
Since starting to use this last year and seeing the relief he got, we chose to no longer give him his meds since May this year.
He has less and less days where he's in pain and has at least 8-12 hours sleep a night now, where he used to be lucky to get 4 🙂
We use a combination of all Lyn's creams, truly amazing stuff.

Bridget Verrall

DUO Pack Less Pain Restored Mobility

DUO Pack Mag Oil and Pain Balm: These two products have magical powers. Best ever results. Restored mobility and less pain. Like severely painful....gone after application. So grateful to you. Thanks and have a good day...I am because of you. X

Leanne Gibbons

Migraine Regularly

I suffer migraine regularly! I have been using your strong pain relief any sign of one along with magnesium . Rather than taking my medication . I have found it's helping ease them away. I have spent so many hours/days in bed over the years due to migraine. Such a waste of life

Shelly Bullock

mag oil self & dog

Highly recommend Magnesium Oil for self & dog
Pain Balm is also a fantastic product

Raewyn Brennan

Scoliosis Pain Responds MagOil Pain Relief Balm

I have scoliosis and have been in a lot of pain especially at night time.
I had been taking a lot of strong painkillers and antiflam from doctors.I've just started using pain relief balm and mag oil and have had instant relief. After 4 day of using this with instructions from lynny I feel great and I'm not using any other pain relief.
I also have psoriasis and have noticed this clearing up really fast. I think I may have even lost some weight? Am truly amazed and still finding it hard to believe that this has been so easy. Thank you so much.

Debara Derrick

hubby hooked

Amazing products have my hubby hooked spray it on rub it in

Diane Murray Blom

Degenerative Disc

Degenerative Disc: I have been using Lynny's strong pain cream and magnesium oil for 2 weeks now. I love it!!!
I have arthritis in my left hip, right knee and both thumbs. I also have a degenerative disc problem in my lower back. Using the magnesium oil at nightI get a quality pain free sleep. I use the cream in the morning and I am pain free all day. It's great as I work as a community support worker and some days the workload is quite heavy.
Thanks Lynny for the best pain relief I've had in years.


not in pain

I'm using the magnesium oil on my back with the SPR on the sole of my feet at bedtime and am actually waking to find I am not in pain for the first time in years

Angela Stuart

Lynny, you helped me

body pain and trouble sleeping. You went out of your way to offer me something to help ease my body pain and trouble sleeping without money being the forefront of it all.
Thank you for your amazing mag oil and strong pain relief. It helps me over and over and I always look forward to using it. I'll be back once I finally run out

Dannei Donaldson

magnesium oil heavenly

this magnesium oil you make is heavenly, I have been taking magnesium as a pill for 6 weeks and still waiting for it to work, but stopped it to try your oil.
Right from the first time I used oil, restless legs gone at night, backpain gone, and I can sleep through the night.


Knee Joint Instant Relief Mag Oil

I had a bout of what looked like the onset of flu symptoms - aching joints and muscles, scratchy throat, coughing and a fever. Determined to fight it off before the days turned into a week I took a herbal remedy from a local store.After mentioning my aches to my daughter, she gave me her MAG oil to try. I really had no expectations, so I got a shock when the first spray to my knee joint got instant relief (in like 10 seconds). Still in a state of shock, I sprayed my other knee and it had the same affect! Needless to say, I sprayed every aching joint and muscle over a 2 day period and I believe this has contributed to halting my flu in its tracks. I still have a cough, but the aches are gone! I have now placed an order to buy the triple treat and I look forward to using your products in the future. MAG oil is the best!!!

Msari Teira

Mag Oil for Best Sleep

Have tried mag oil for sleeping twice now and I have never slept so deep and relaxed. I have sleep disruption due to a musculoskeletal condition. My sleep is not restorative and I hardly ever hit REM I just toss and turn and get worse energy levels daily.
But I'm starting to feel different. Not only am I only waking once or twice to go toilet I'm falling back asleep within minutes rather than hours and I'm dreaming again!!!. I don't have to shift all night because of pain. My muscles are actually resting so not as sore for as long during the day. But the most obvious change is I can get out of bed at 9am and feel ok. I don't have to drag myself out and through the day. I feel calm and not like the usual ' what am i going to do all day like this ' feeling. I feel more positive about my day now. I know that half an hour after 8 sprays of mag oil I'll be asleep.
I don't stress all.night about whether I'll fall.and stay asleep. Sleep is a healer all on its own. I can't wait to see and feel the long term results! Now I also have a new best friend in Lynny! Feeling blessed!

Stellar Kristell

Muscles Relax With Mag

Thank you so much for the magnesium oil! It is amazing for helping sore muscles relax.

Aimee Scott

Son walking again with Mag Oil

I have placed an order. I have experienced the power of magnesium oil before....
I now have a healthy 14 yr old who is 90% pain free after an accident when he was younger.
For 2 yrs he struggled to walk due to the most extreme nerve damage and couldn't even leave the house. Then one day we decided to detox all the meds and go magnesium spray and Epsom salts, along with mindfulness training and intense physio. What a miracle... slowly but steadily he started walking after about 3 weeks magnesium spray.
He carried it in his pocket and sprayed his leg constantly.. this stuff gave him and our family a life back. Now he uses it once or twice a week especially when tired.
I am so grateful to the friend who purchased this for us to try. So I feel it's my time to help, this makes an awesome Christmas gift. Keep up the good work Lynny we sure appreciate it.

Marie Anderson

Sore Muscles relax

Thank you so much for the magnesium oil! It is amazing for helping sore muscles relax.

Aimee Scott