Magnesium Oil Testimonials

Triple Pain Combo

I bought the triple pain relief pack. I have had success with all 3 products. I had run out magnesium caps and was experiencing cramps. I rubbed the Magnesium Oil into the muscle and had almost instant relief. I have arthritis throughout my body and the Balm worked instantly on my knee, my hands and my elbows. The Root PRO is helping my partner with his Anylosing pain deep in the ligaments.

Liz Naulls April 12, 2019

Migraine Regularly

I suffer migraine regularly! I have been using your strong pain relief any sign of one along with magnesium . Rather than taking my medication . I have found it's helping ease them away. I have spent so many hours/days in bed over the years due to migraine. Such a waste of life

Shelly Bullock January 28, 2019

Best first aid kit

You are a star !!! Can't get enough of your root spray, Cayenne balm, strong balm and magnesium.oil. Every household must have these instead of a first aid kit ... Excited for my order to arrive THANKS x

Serena Rogers January 23, 2019

Fibro Review

This is long but I want to tell you everything Lynny.I have been diagnosed fibro for 20 years, but had it for much longer since a horseriding accident as a teen.I have been using your root pro oil in the morning for 2 months now, and your mag oil at night.The root oil gives me 24 hours pain relief, and I tell you what bliss, the first time I applied it, I was still rubbing it into my left leg and my right leg was already painfree.
And the Magnesium Oil, I rub that into my skin everywhere I can reach about 20-30 sprays, I don't like the feel of it on, so I do it about 15 minutes before I shower, and wash it off like you suggested. By the time I get out of the shower, and get drird, I'm ready for bed. Where I now sleep for 9 hours, never waking to need to pee anymore. I wake up refreshed and feeling like I have had a deep sleep, and ready to start the new day.
I used to wake up every 2 to 3 hours needing to go pee. I can also hold on during the day, instead of heading to the loo every hour or so. My IBS is also calmed right down.I
believe my overall pain levels have reduced drastically, sometimes I forget to use the root pro, or just use the strong pain balm. Buying the triple pain pack is the best thing I have ever done.
Oh Lynny your an angel.

Kerry M January 22, 2019

Neck injury

I've been using all of Lynny's pain relief products for a while. But today after consulting with Lynny I'm a complete convert. My 13yr old daughter had an accident while playing in the pool with her 9yr old twin brothers last night. Getting bent over backwards hurting her neck and back. Barely able to move but fairly sure it was just muscular damage and not skeletal I threw everything herbal and conventional at her last night. This morning after consultiong with Lynny I sprayed her first with Magnesium spray then rubbed the pain relief balm into the affected areas. It's now 24hrs later and have done this 3 times today and shes moving around like not much happened. No added panadol or Ibruphen. Just Lynnys Magic Potions.

Brenda Smith January 22, 2019

Much Less Pain

Have been using the Strong Pain relief cream and Magnesium spray and finding so much relief from the normal Pain scale. Thanks Lynny's Herbal Potions for your fantastic service and great product..

Tanya Martin January 16, 2019

an array ailments

I used the magnesium oil for such an array ailments within my family. Healing aches and pains after surgery. Head aches. Aching legs, tendons. Sleep. Stress tension. Itchy bites. Sciatica. It is brilliant.

Nicola Rose January 15, 2019

Root Canal Pain MagOil

Root Canal Pain Mag Oil No more pain!!! I have had 2 root canals done a few years ago, lately, I have had alot of pain in both sites. Apparently, infection often settles in and can be disastrous.
The pain was excruciating to where I couldn't eat, sleep and even hurt to swallow.
I started cleaning my teeth with your Magnesium Oil daily to begin then after several days every second day for a further few days.
No more pain!!! Amazed and so thankful!!! Unbelievably the go to potion for so many ailments!!!!!!
Thanks again Lynny!!!

Jan Buchanan January 15, 2019

Lynny, you helped me

body pain and trouble sleeping. You went out of your way to offer me something to help ease my body pain and trouble sleeping without money being the forefront of it all.
Thank you for your amazing mag oil and strong pain relief. It helps me over and over and I always look forward to using it. I'll be back once I finally run out

Dannei Donaldson January 13, 2019

Pain Relief Everywhere

Would just like to inform you about my use of your products, first of all have just put in my fourth order, also have all my family using your products ...
Have to let you know about the other night ... me in a fit of giggles getting ready for bed ...
- had been a hot as day feet burning on goes cayenne balm ( yes cools the feet, amazing ),
- then root pro spray for sciatica pain (only thing that works,( YAY )
- then on goes magnesium and
- lastly cough control ...
after i had done all that I thought oh my god what a bloody laugh must be getting old, LOL ....
Your Products are just amazing and I recommend them to every one ... They work !!!!! Soooooo THANK YOU so very much for sharing with us your fantastic knowledge and productsMuch love to you.

Kaye M December 20, 2018

magnesium oil heavenly

this magnesium oil you make is heavenly, I have been taking magnesium as a pill for 6 weeks and still waiting for it to work, but stopped it to try your oil.
Right from the first time I used oil, restless legs gone at night, backpain gone, and I can sleep through the night.

LS December 17, 2018

Post Workout Muscle Soreness Mag Oil

Post-Workout Muscle Pain Reduced with Magnesium OIl Post Workout Love the magnesium oil! It's the best! I use it every night to put on the muscle groups I've worked that day eg; if I trained my hamstrings then I will rub some on them.
The benefits are amazing!! I sleep much better and wake up in the morning with less muscle soreness than I would usually have. The muscles also feel more supple the day after using it which means I move better throughout the day.
I refer my clients and members of our gym to you as I think the product is wonderful x

Aimee Blok December 1, 2018

Swollen Feet

Hi there. Just thought I'd let you know an unexpected beneficial side effect of magnesium oil.
Haven't used it for a while but did last night for knee pain and this morning my usually swollen feet (a usual occurrence during our northland summers) were no longer.
am so pleased to be able to wear comfortable footwear and not have the pressure from swollen uncomfortable feet.
Thanks for all you do and may the season be fulfilling.

Makere Laurence-Bade November 26, 2018

Son walking again with Mag Oil

I have placed an order. I have experienced the power of magnesium oil before....
I now have a healthy 14 yr old who is 90% pain free after an accident when he was younger.
For 2 yrs he struggled to walk due to the most extreme nerve damage and couldn't even leave the house. Then one day we decided to detox all the meds and go magnesium spray and Epsom salts, along with mindfulness training and intense physio. What a miracle... slowly but steadily he started walking after about 3 weeks magnesium spray.
He carried it in his pocket and sprayed his leg constantly.. this stuff gave him and our family a life back. Now he uses it once or twice a week especially when tired.
I am so grateful to the friend who purchased this for us to try. So I feel it's my time to help, this makes an awesome Christmas gift. Keep up the good work Lynny we sure appreciate it.

Marie Anderson November 18, 2018

Dog Arthritis MagOil

Dog arthritis in spine Magnesium dogs.....they are 10 years old this girl has got certified arthritis in spine and my boy is showing signs....being about 95 human years...they carry on like puppies...but the signs of stiffness are definitely showing ...esp in the mornings....bones cracking and trouble walking ......soooo along comes MAG spray....i use it down their spines and give a massage...( they line up for this now...know the drill)....rub bout 10 sprays into morning....both are bounding around like absolute idiots....yes they are 10years old....and on no other pain girl Venus would normally be very sore and stiff and walking is clearly difficult.....yet now she bounds around like a 2 year this and I won't be going to get the weekly injection of anti-inflammatory jabs for them now.....wahooooo.

Dog Lover November 15, 2018

Itchy Dog Apoquel Magnesium oil

I have been rubbing magnesium oil into my dogs skin on her neck morning and night, she was on Apoquel from the vet. It has been only a couple of days and she has stopped scratching. I have stopped the Apoquel. I'm amazed.

Jan Buchanan November 15, 2018

Very Sore Back use Root PRO

I've been using your Root PRO Spray for a very sore back and ankles. With water pill and all good taken me a long time to work out what was wrong.
Been getting a lot of cramp. Using mag oil also. Under a lot of stress at moment.I'd like to order 3 more bottles of the Root PRO Spray please.

Margaret L November 15, 2018

hip, knee and foot

Thanks Lynny for an awesome product. I originally bought mag oil and strong relief for my mum who by the way loves it and I have recently purchased more for her.
Has helped with her hip knee and foot pain. I then purchased some for myself and have recently been using it on my knees bloody amazing. Used on Sunday before I did a 10km walk. Made it all the way with no pain. Also great for headaches works within a couple of minutes. Have recommended to lots of other people. Keep up the good work and the creative juices flowing. Thank you so much!!!

Carol McKee November 13, 2018

MagOil Horses

I am in love with the Magoil. I have been using it on my rescue horse and the improvement in his physical, mental and emotional well being has been amazing. I have also been using it on my daughter for her anxiety and sleep issues and seeing a huge difference. I will definitely be getting more for myself, my family and the rest of my horses. Just wonderful.

Anna M McGrath November 13, 2018

Bunionectomy Pain Relief

I have had a bunionectomy and toe straightened two months ago. Painful op and ive tried ice packs and all sorts to help with the swelling and the redness. In fact i couldnt hardly stand to touch it. Well last night I thought I wonder if Lynnys mag oil would help if I could stand to massage it in.

Joy Bailey November 1, 2018

Degenerative Disc

Degenerative Disc: I have been using Lynny's strong pain cream and magnesium oil for 2 weeks now. I love it!!!
I have arthritis in my left hip, right knee and both thumbs. I also have a degenerative disc problem in my lower back. Using the magnesium oil at nightI get a quality pain free sleep. I use the cream in the morning and I am pain free all day. It's great as I work as a community support worker and some days the workload is quite heavy.
Thanks Lynny for the best pain relief I've had in years.

Guest November 1, 2018

Multi Products

Knees and Wrists When I left work in July I could barely move.
I Think about september I decided to try Lynny's products. Am waiting on both knees to be operated on. Much better now can walk up a few steps properly carefully. Been painting fences sheds and section clearing I won t say I'm perfect but soooooo much better.
When wrist sore from painting I've used root pro spray and strong pain balm together.
Next morning they great. For me to be able to climb a ladder is marvelous. Also using alot of esp night. wrist I have used strong pain balm and strong cayenne together too at night when they really bad.
Just to be able to move relatively pain free is a dream

Colleen Petersen October 1, 2018

DUO Pack Less Pain Restored Mobility

DUO Pack Mag Oil and Pain Balm: These two products have magical powers. Best ever results. Restored mobility and less pain. Like severely painful....gone after application. So grateful to you. Thanks and have a good day...I am because of you. X

Leanne Gibbons September 17, 2018

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain. Swollen Hands Gone in an Hour A couple came here today 27 May 2017 about 1pm, and got the Duo of Magnesium Oil and Strong Pain Relief. I've just had these Messages at 6 hours later...Vicky H.
Hi Lynny, lovely meeting you today, hubby used the cream and the swelling had gone down within an hour and pain had eased, thank you so much. I just read a post where the person said they had psoriasis, and you said to add something to the cream, hubbys has flared up again and we just dont want the steriod cream and everything else they advise with all the yuck stuff in it. Are you able to help out in that department. Many thanks Vicky.
Lynny Said: Oh I'm very pleased about Hubbys hands, I have a grin from ear to ear. What was the actual problem with Hubby's hand that made them so swollen.
Vicky H. He supposedly has arthritis in the tendons and trigger finger. He read the info you gave with the magnesium and sprayed some on his hands which one he has not been able to touch his finger tips to his hand or straighten his hand out flat, he just showed me he can. He has this big smile and says the pain has eased so much. Thank you so much, i even had a little cry seeing him smile from less pain.
Lynny That is so darn neat, especially remembering his face when I was saying what the mag oil would do ... I'm chuckling I just love the men converts . Let him know I sell the balm in 600 ml pots and the mag oil in 1ltr and 2ltr containers.
Vicky H... They have been trying to get him to have his other hand operated on for trigger finger, tendons and carpel tunnel but he has said no. I  thought it would take a few days for a change but helped instantly, his trigger finger which it locks down and he has to crack it open is now making a squishy noise but it is not locking down he can open and close it by itself. You are wonderful, thank you.Lynny .. You are both so very very welcome....
Hey Vicky, since you gave me a great first review, next time you are in town, pop around and grab some complimentary Kawakawa Cream, we'll see if we can get that psoriasis behaving itself before I have to move.

Vicky H September 5, 2018

love love love

After trying Lynny's products I love love love.. so easy. So helpful.. thanks heaps.

Maria Hardcastle September 5, 2018

Arthritis, Pain, and Diabetes

I absolutely loved Lynnys pain relief cream.
I have arthritis in more places than I don't but most painfully in my feet, knees and hip. I also have sciatica that is incredibly disruptive and painfulThank you Lynny I am sleeping better and my pain levels are manageable to non existent. The use of the magnesium oil has helped stabilize my sugar levels as well. Very happy camper here

Caytie Hogan August 28, 2018

Magnesium Oil Relieves Spasms from Catheter

I use Magnesium Oil for my tummy for the spasms
I suffer due to the catheter I have inserted because of the fluid retention due to Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.). I use the oil on my head for the many headaches that I suffer another M.S. thing.I use the oil at the back of my neck at night half hour before I go to sleep. I use the balm for a lot of back pain I have. It definitely takes the edge off of the neurological pain I suffer it's very intense. I really wouldn't have one without the other. The magnesium oil and balm is the best thing since sliced bread!

Kerstin Gully August 21, 2018


Wow Root PRO Spray is amazing. I have been using magnesium oil and Strong Pain Releif Balm and have just got a new batch of both and added in Root PRO Spray its amazing I use it all the time. I have 2 relatives that get migraines so Im sure they would be interested in trying this also so I can't wait for their results also. Love it wont be without it, great work Lynny keep it up we love your products thanks.

Larain Simcox August 12, 2018

Awesome DUO

Mag oil and strong pain relief are awesome. Lasted ages too

Vin Murphy July 23, 2018

Scoliosis Pain Responds MagOil Pain Relief Balm

I have scoliosis and have been in a lot of pain especially at night time.
I had been taking a lot of strong painkillers and antiflam from doctors.I've just started using pain relief balm and mag oil and have had instant relief. After 4 day of using this with instructions from lynny I feel great and I'm not using any other pain relief.
I also have psoriasis and have noticed this clearing up really fast. I think I may have even lost some weight? Am truly amazed and still finding it hard to believe that this has been so easy. Thank you so much.

Debara Derrick July 2, 2018

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