Research shows that many significant health problems can now be attributed to magnesium deficiency that include but is not limited too fatigue, insomnia, muscular tension, pain, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, increased insulin resistance leading to diabetes, congestive heart failure, tics, tremors and even some skin disorders.

We may ask ourselves, why is it that we are so deficient in magnesium?
There are so many factors like diet, consuming sugar, alcohol, chemical exposures, pharmaceuticals & stress in our lives that use up our magnesium reserves. Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in our body, it is necessary of transporting calcium, so when it is deficient, bones get soft & calcium becomes deposited instead of circulating and integrating into tissue. So Magnesium also helps move calcium out of the muscle where it deposits and back into the bones where we need it most…

It is essential for regulation of muscular contraction, blood pressure, insulin metabolism, cardiac excitability, vasomotor tone, nerve transmission & neuromuscular conduction. Now that to me sounds very important for anyone to have good magnesium levels in their body, right?

It is suggested that supplementing magnesium orally, in pill form, and there are many elemental forms of magnesium is not as useful as transdermal use. As the problem with magnesium supplementation is that it has to pass through the intestine and so much of that is eliminated in the bowel!

This is why Lynnys magnesium oil is far superior as it is deposited into your body at a cellular level.

People have been using minerals like magnesium transdermally for thousands of years.

Let’s look at the science behind transdermal magnesium.
Molecules, what are they?

Ref: wikipedia (the electrically neutral group of 2 or more atoms held together by chemical bonds, they are distinguished from ions by their lack of chemical charge)
So if molecules are small enough they can slip through the skin, magnesium ions are significantly small that they can drift through the outer layer of the skin via the hair follicle and sweat ducts and into the cells. Magnesium oil reaches beyond what magnesium supplements can as it saturates the tissues, delivering high concentrations of magnesium to where it is needed, at a cellular level, directly circulating the blood stream and entering the tissues. Keeping in mind that magnesium is a cofactor in over 300 enzyme systems in the body that regulate biochemical reactions in your body!)

Magnesium chloride which is the form of magnesium used in Lynnys magnesium oil is found in all body fluids. It is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses & regulating fluid both into and out of cells. It maintains PH levels, and studies confirm that magnesium oil will raise magnesium levels within our body over a relatively short period of time which aids healing your health and well being.