An odd discovery about using magnesium oil we think.

Last night I was talking on the phone again, the woman talked about a sensation she felt when she put mag oil on her legs especially nothing bad, but she asked if I had felt it to, so we both ended up putting magnesium oil on our legs while we talked. We were also talking about how massaging the mag oil into skin for 5-10 minutes was very relaxing and a good way to connect with body, and feel the pain leaving the body. blah blah blah

Not even thinking about mag oil, I commented how my legs used to be very hairy but now I just had a mohawk above my shin bone. The woman I was speaking to, said she shaved her legs twice a week, but because of an injury hadn’t been able to shave, and she had a mohawk too, she felt around the back of her legs and her skin was silky smooth with no stubble at all.

Talking about it, and if it could be mag oil we both said how we massaged the mag oil into muscle part of our legs, but not over the bone and decided that it must be mag oil, we pondered it for while.
She said how it couldn’t be mag oil because mag was so good for her hair on her head, i said it was different type of hair, and pondered on other hair types on body.
My dad was the missing link in evolution that man had hair on every part of his body except the top of his head. Pity the old bugger is dead, I love to know if magoil would reduce his hairy legs, or back arms etc.
Of course the conversation turned to pubic hair being a different type of hair again, she was laughing how careful application may work as a brazilian wax… I said I would give that a miss.

Anyway, is there anyone that uses mag oil regularly on their legs, arms, guys their chest or back, could you check, and see if you have less or no hair where it used to be, I’d be most interested.