A few weeks ago, I posted about how I was using magnesium oil to improve my blurry vision, by spreading magnesium oil around my eyes, and a side effect was it lessened the wrinkles on my face, one of the comments on the post told how her using my magnesium oil her eyesite had improved. She had just had her appointment with her glaucoma specials, and her specialist had confirmed the pressure in her eyes had indeed lowered, I think by 5 points.
I did some googling and found a Review Article of a limited medical research paper that supported this claim,
“The Role of Magnesium in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Glaucoma”
it’s 7 pages long and difficult reading, full of medical terms, that made is difficult to read for me with dyslexia.
I have kept going back to this research paper and have simplified just a small part of it in the three paragraphs below. (a link to the paper will be in the comments of this post, so if you can understand doctor speak, please correct me if I misrepresented anything)
“Unstable, unusual, disturbed or lowered blood flow to the tiny blood vessels of the eye retina, optic nerve, iris etc is believed to be one of the major contributing factors for patients with glaucoma.
Magnesium deficiency reduces blood flow in the body in general, so increasing your magnesium levels could help slow down the progression of glaucoma. Magnesium also protects the nerves and lessen nerve damage.
Magnesium supplementation seemed to have a beneficial effect on the visual field in patients with glaucoma in one study with oral magnesium.”
Lynny Again: now while they are talking about magnesium tablets, it seems a no brainer to me, that using magnesium oil on your face particularly on your forehead and around your eyes is well worth trying.
below is the conclusion of the review, it’s easier to read than the whole article I read.
Direct quote:
“In conclusion, Mg is of critical importance in regulating cellular functions of the ocular tissues. The association of Mg levels with the pathogenesis of glaucoma may be attributed to Mg serving highly important roles as a cofactor for several enzymes involving membrane-associated ATPases, modulator of vessel smooth muscle contraction, and regulator in oxidative stress pathways. Therefore, Mg may have a great potential to come into clinical use in the management of glaucoma. The review of current literature supports the need of further investigations to evaluate the role of Mg as a supportive approach in glaucoma.”