For insomnia

Magnesium is not a knock out drug, magnesium is not habit forming and you cannot sell magnesium on the black market! But if you use magnesium oil daily in the evening you will drift off to a restful sleep, massage it onto your lower body, your feet and tummy as well, remember magnesium helps to relax your body.

Now osteoporosis or osteopenia

which is the beginning of osteoporosis, your body has to have magnesium and calcium in proper ratio to store calcium in the bones, and if you are really low in magnesium you may not be putting away & rebuilding the bone properly & that can lead to brittle bones & osteoporosis.  If you have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis then you really need to up your levels of magnesium in your diet and in your life. Using magnesium oil will greatly benefit your magnesium levels quicker as it is absorbed via your skin at a cellular level which then is transported via your blood to the places in your body that are deficient and needing magnesium the most.Magnesium Oil.

Let’s talk about high blood pressure

sometimes high blood pressure can be a sign of low magnesium, even though you may be taking medication for this it may still be beneficial for you to up your magnesium levels, especially at night time that is going to help your blood pressure lower naturally & then you may not need to take as much prescription blood pressure medication.

Now, another is arrhythmias & even A-fib,

the cause if these are low magnesium levels, as magnesium is very heart healthy, it is estimated that over half of the people that go to A & E with an acute heart attack are magnesium deficient and that is strongly correlated with heart diseases! So this is another good reason to have magnesium in your diet and to use magnesium oil daily.
Even if you are having little palpitations or flip-flops in your heart, you may benefit on increasing your magnesium daily by using magnesium oil, but also to seek medical advise!

The last one I would like to discuss today is pregnancy and morning sickness.

There have been studies that show that by increasing magnesium in your body makes morning sickness that much less severe. It may be due in part to a magnesium deficiency, so a safe and natural way to increase your magnesium levels is to use magnesium oil every day. And it is also good for baby too which we will cover in another blog.

So it’s time again to stock up on magnesium oil, share these blogs with family & friends or someone you know that has any of the signs and symptoms that we write about. Magnesium deficiency has become so common in our western world and to help us prevent many diseases and even autoimmune diseases we need to increase our magnesium intake! Lynny’s magnesium oil is the perfect way to do this, it is safe, it is natural, and it is NZ made!