Children’s Health Part 1

Times have changed over the years in the way we raise our children. Their environment, their diets, and their illnesses have all been affected by our modern western world.
We sometimes wonder why our children act out, they are so hyperactive, or why their skin is crazy, or why they have allergies, or why they want to snack all the time, or why they are sick all the time, there are so many pieces of the child’s health and the way they are growing that seems like the gears on their bike are starting to lose there spokes, things are not getting better in fact, it is getting worse!
Magnesium deficient childhood can cause so many symptoms – colic, insomnia, inconsolable crying, exaggerated startle reflexes, anxiety and ADHD.
We are ending up with children with autism, bowel disorders, cancer, diabetes and obesity at such a young age.
And these are at an epidemic! Something must be going wrong, it has not been like this since the beginning!
One study found that brain scans if children as young as 9 who are heavy users of smartphones, tablets, & video games look different from those of less active screen users!
A 15 min visit to a doctor is not always going to fix or pickup those small signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency or low levels of magnesium. Most doctors are not fully trained in mineral deficiency that can lead to most health issues.Magnesium Oil
Huge symptoms of magnesium deficiency with children can be a little tic, or twitching or leg cramps, an inability to sleep, if you feel as a parent that it could be something neurological then try rubbing magnesium oil on before bedtime and just watch them over the coming weeks and monitor any changes. It could well eliminate some of these symptoms.
Food for thought:
Maybe these kids are fitting into the new digital environment perfectly as they adapt, adopt and survive. Instead of supporting that position with magnesium and other nutrients to help them cope, modern medicine chooses to add to their chaos by drugging them, even knowing the side effects!
So let’s help our children by making a few changes which can prevent many childhood illnesses and diseases, by increasing their levels of magnesium on a cellular level that is safe, natural and can only benefit them in a positive manner.
Magnesium oil is perfect for children, you can start out with just one spray massaging into their feet at nighttime just before bed. I’d love some feedback from parents after they have started doing this a few weeks in & on a daily basis.

Have a read of Part 2, it explains even more about the reasons why it is crucial to have magnesium in your children’s body and life.

Magnesium deficiency – Children’s Health Part 2

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