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Pain Free Horse Riding

Best products ever for pain free horse riding! Use Magnesium spray on my shoulders,knees and ankles.then extra strong balm on my feet and can ride 4/5 hours ..get off feeling as goid as when I mounted! Just started using cough control to remove phlegm off chest..breathing so much easier too!

Mary K 10/May/2019

Root PRO on very Painful Knee

Lynny a work colleague came to work on Monday with a hell of a lot of knee pain which she said she had had for a while.
Luckily another colleague of mine had her root spray in her bag and gave it to Heleni to try.
I don't work Wednesdays so when I went in today I asked her how her knee was. Her answer was bloody marvelous and I even slept last night.
Not surprisingly you have another convert. She will be placing her order in the next few days.


GW 09/May/2019

partial knee replacement

I have used your strong pain relief balm, and the magnesium spray oil for a few years now. I had a partial knee replacement about 9 years ago, and over the past few years, it's helped me get back into exercise and jogging like I never thought I'd be able to do again. Also, have arthritis in my wrist, it's been brilliant for this too. Basically, it's my go-to for all muscle aches and pains.
I've told several people about your products, and given a few cards out that I got with my last order ? it's the only thing I have used which actually works! So thank you x ?

Strong Pain Relief Balm, and Magnesium Spray Oil


E.A. 07/May/2019

My 75yr old mum-new dimension her life

I bought this triple pack for my 75yr old mum. She started using it last week when she came out of a 2 week stay in hospital. Mum suffers from polymyalgia & a knee which needs replacing. I cannot believe the difference in mum in just 1 week!!! She is bending her knee, her hands are less painful and she is down to peeing just twice a NIGHT!! Mum can be a little apprehensive about trying new things but tonight she mentioned getting me to rub her back when I am next on days off!! Thanks Lynney cos at this stage your products have brought a new dimension to mum's life!! We certainly won't be without your products in the house!! Great stuff????

Wendy https://herbalpainrelief.co.nz/product/triple-pain-combo-all-pain-levels/ 26/April/2019

Need 2 Hip Replacements

My daughter-in-law ordered the "Root PRO Spray" for me last week. This stuff is AMAZING ! I badly need 2 knee replacements, i rub it into my knee's 4 times a day & i would definitely rate this a 5/5. I have been taking strong pain relief for the last 4 years, haven't slept much at night, but since using your product, it has helped me tremendously. Its a shame that we cant have it in a bigger bottle. Regards Lesley Newland

Lesley Newland 11/April/2019

Pain Relieved ty

I have bought the strong pain relief balm and the Root Pro Spray which I use together on my ankles and feet Shoulders arms and hands I am unable to make a fist my feet and ankles swell up and some days I can hardly walk I am unable to stand for 10 minutes it is so painful At night the pain in my shoulders and arms is so painful it brings tears to my eyes

Your Balm and Root Pro spray helps relieve the pain I will continue to buy your products

Julene Nevin 08/April/2019

Root PRO SPray Highly recommend

Recently (last week ) purchased this product , it is amazing ! Recently diagnosed with osteo arthritis in my knee , cant use usual anti inflammatory medicines , due to allergy . This root PRO spray is a god send , I am now able to get some decent pain free sleep . Highly recommend this product

Heather Maxwell 18/January/2019

Knees, wrists and hands

The parcel arrived yesterday 27/9I used the Strong Pain Relief Balm for my knees,wrists and hands as I suffer from carpal tunnel and painful knee joints,i
also put some magnesium on my feet.I have to say I woke up this morning with no pain at all after 8years and tons of pain meds, anti inflammatory tablets,and sleeping pills its the first time I've felt relief.
I realise this was only my first night but I'm wildly optimistic and feel so great today.
Thanks so much, I'm definitely going to order more in the future.Kind regards Wai

Wai Allen 14/January/2019

Hip Replacement

I want 3 pots of your pain cream, a friend that lives down the road from you, gave me a bit to try on my hip that needs replacing, took the pain away beaut. Paul.

Strong Pain Relief Balm·

Paul D 19/December/2018

Carpel Tunnel Post Op

Root PRO Spray does the trick.
4 weeks ago today my builder had a carpal tunnel surgery, after 2 weeks he went back to work, but the past week he has been getting considerable pain on the top of his wrist, through his hand from where the surgery was. he has never had this pain before.
He already had some Root PRO Spray he was using on his arthritic knee and after complaining about this new pain to me, I suggested he use it on his wrist he started using it about 4 days ago, and he is wrapped with the pain relief he is getting, but kicking himself for not using it when this distressing new pain first started
So wrapped he just grabbed another bottle off me. 🙂

John F 18/December/2018

Painful Knees Root Oil

I speak from my heart Lynny you have changed my world.
Thank you very much for being a healer and being clever to create these wonderful products.
As you know I use daily on my knees to get thru my shift at night. I also worked out if I get stiff neck I put on as well and it works a treat.
Haven' put neck out in ages. My chiropractor must be missing me. I found out by rubbing my neck while applying at work one night. My hands love it too.

pk 18/December/2018

Post Workout Muscle Soreness Mag Oil

Post-Workout Muscle Pain Reduced with Magnesium OIl Post Workout Love the magnesium oil! It's the best! I use it every night to put on the muscle groups I've worked that day eg; if I trained my hamstrings then I will rub some on them.
The benefits are amazing!! I sleep much better and wake up in the morning with less muscle soreness than I would usually have. The muscles also feel more supple the day after using it which means I move better throughout the day.
I refer my clients and members of our gym to you as I think the product is wonderful x

Aimee Blok 01/December/2018

SPR for Family

I bought the strong pain relief a little while ago for myself, my sister and my parents and I can honestly say that it is amazing stuff!!
I have used it on my knee, my wrist, my husbands back and shared it with a few friends and they have said the same. It's quite unbelievable!!
Am so happy I came across your website and you!! Thanks!!

Family 30/November/2018

Swollen Feet

Hi there. Just thought I'd let you know an unexpected beneficial side effect of magnesium oil.
Haven't used it for a while but did last night for knee pain and this morning my usually swollen feet (a usual occurrence during our northland summers) were no longer.
am so pleased to be able to wear comfortable footwear and not have the pressure from swollen uncomfortable feet.
Thanks for all you do and may the season be fulfilling.

Makere Laurence-Bade 26/November/2018

Son walking again with Mag Oil

I have placed an order. I have experienced the power of magnesium oil before....
I now have a healthy 14 yr old who is 90% pain free after an accident when he was younger.
For 2 yrs he struggled to walk due to the most extreme nerve damage and couldn't even leave the house. Then one day we decided to detox all the meds and go magnesium spray and Epsom salts, along with mindfulness training and intense physio. What a miracle... slowly but steadily he started walking after about 3 weeks magnesium spray.
He carried it in his pocket and sprayed his leg constantly.. this stuff gave him and our family a life back. Now he uses it once or twice a week especially when tired.
I am so grateful to the friend who purchased this for us to try. So I feel it's my time to help, this makes an awesome Christmas gift. Keep up the good work Lynny we sure appreciate it.

Marie Anderson 18/November/2018

Very Sore Back use Root PRO

I've been using your Root PRO Spray for a very sore back and ankles. With water pill and all good taken me a long time to work out what was wrong.
Been getting a lot of cramp. Using mag oil also. Under a lot of stress at moment.I'd like to order 3 more bottles of the Root PRO Spray please.

Margaret L 15/November/2018

hip, knee and foot

Thanks Lynny for an awesome product. I originally bought mag oil and strong relief for my mum who by the way loves it and I have recently purchased more for her.
Has helped with her hip knee and foot pain. I then purchased some for myself and have recently been using it on my knees bloody amazing. Used on Sunday before I did a 10km walk. Made it all the way with no pain. Also great for headaches works within a couple of minutes. Have recommended to lots of other people. Keep up the good work and the creative juices flowing. Thank you so much!!!

Carol McKee 13/November/2018

munted elbow, and ankle

gosh I'm getting some lovely feedback from folks today via phone and PM.

I just heard from a woman, who is trying the triple pain combo pack for the first time using any of my products.
It iss lovely hearing how people are getting such great pain relief it sure fills my heart with joy.

Anyway, the first product she used was the Root PRO Spray, on her back pain, munted elbow, and ankle.

She was astounded both how quickly it worked, less than 5 minutes from first applying it to total pain relief, and then how long that one application lasted for 25 hours.

JP 11/November/2018

Bunionectomy Pain Relief

I have had a bunionectomy and toe straightened two months ago. Painful op and ive tried ice packs and all sorts to help with the swelling and the redness. In fact i couldnt hardly stand to touch it. Well last night I thought I wonder if Lynnys mag oil would help if I could stand to massage it in.

Joy Bailey 01/November/2018

Degenerative Disc

Degenerative Disc: I have been using Lynny's strong pain cream and magnesium oil for 2 weeks now. I love it!!!
I have arthritis in my left hip, right knee and both thumbs. I also have a degenerative disc problem in my lower back. Using the magnesium oil at nightI get a quality pain free sleep. I use the cream in the morning and I am pain free all day. It's great as I work as a community support worker and some days the workload is quite heavy.
Thanks Lynny for the best pain relief I've had in years.

Guest 01/November/2018

sprained little toe

The products had a miraculous effect on my badly sprained little toe this summer (you know when you catch your little toe on a piece of furniture - ouch!!!) - mixed the pain relief balm and the root pro in a compress overnight and 99% pain-free the next day! Unbelievable!

Lynn Wilson 01/November/2018

sceptic now believer

My husband can be sceptical re natural medicine but today Root PRO Spray proved itself.
We were driving through the Waioeka Gorge from Gisborne heading to Tauranga and he started getting pain in his shin and thought it was going to cramp. I mentioned I had the spray in my bag so he quickly pulled over and applied some, not even 5 mins later he said wow that stuff has worked

Angela Stuart 12/October/2018

Love Root Product

I love this Root product, it is all I am using now and is keeping me pain free,
I have osteoarthritis in hip and lower back, so when I have a shower put 2 drops on my leg and 1 on my shoulder and presto no pain all day. keep up the good work that you do you are the best Lynny.

Judy Stephenson 01/October/2018

Multi Products

Knees and Wrists When I left work in July I could barely move.
I Think about september I decided to try Lynny's products. Am waiting on both knees to be operated on. Much better now can walk up a few steps properly carefully. Been painting fences sheds and section clearing I won t say I'm perfect but soooooo much better.
When wrist sore from painting I've used root pro spray and strong pain balm together.
Next morning they great. For me to be able to climb a ladder is marvelous. Also using alot of esp night. wrist I have used strong pain balm and strong cayenne together too at night when they really bad.
Just to be able to move relatively pain free is a dream

Colleen Petersen 01/October/2018

Arthritis, Pain, and Diabetes

I absolutely loved Lynnys pain relief cream.
I have arthritis in more places than I don't but most painfully in my feet, knees and hip. I also have sciatica that is incredibly disruptive and painfulThank you Lynny I am sleeping better and my pain levels are manageable to non existent. The use of the magnesium oil has helped stabilize my sugar levels as well. Very happy camper here

Caytie Hogan 28/August/2018

DUO Pack for Xmas

I received some of Lynny's magnesium oil and pain cream for xmas...have waited so I can report the differences for myself....I have arthritis in both knees and thumbs...
I have had big varicose veins in both calves and a lot of small veins and brown areas on my legs...
I used the cream the first night and noticed that I didn't move continuously all night because of the pain...I also get bad cramping which there was no sign of... as I am pain 24/7I again used the cream the next day ...
I visited my friend who also bought some and was telling her how it was for me when I noticed my hand movements had nearly no pain and were looser ...I stopped taking my pain killers over the next 4 days to see how much pain was gone....I could handle the pain during the day but not yet at night...my veins seem to be getting smaller and the little ones seem to be a bit less...the brown areas seem to be lessening too...

Tngaire Grubner 01/May/2018

not in pain

I'm using the magnesium oil on my back with the SPR on the sole of my feet at bedtime and am actually waking to find I am not in pain for the first time in years

Angela Stuart 17/April/2018

OsteoArthritis Pain Relieved

I have been using Lynne's strong pain relief for a week now and have found it an amazing product. I have osteoarthritis in my lower spine and my cervical area. I apply the cream after showering in the morning and I have been pain free all day.
Then apply more at bedtime. I also am using the magnesium oil rubbed on my feet at bedtime and have been having a great sleep.
Before using the oil it took me along time to fall asleep.I have just ordered some of the kawakawa balm for my sun damaged skin on my lower legs. I will review this after using. So pleased I discovered Linnie and her amazing natural products.

Shirley Birchall 16/April/2018

Hormone Treatment

I have been going thru treatment & 1 med is a hormone treatment that makes your joints feel as tho they are in a vice being crushed walking kills as my feet hurt the same. I have the Root Pro Spray & this has been my saving grace, small enough to take anywhere & concentrated.... so I don't need a lot, thanks Lynny for all your products x

Dee Ashby 13/September/2017

All Pain Almost Instantly Gone

My mum and I have been using these wonderful herbal potions for a few days now and we love them!
I have been using the strong pain relief for neck and shoulder tension and it is amazing. Feel relief from the pain instantly. I'm also using the magnesium oil and have found it to really improve my sleep, it has a very calming effect and I've been sleeping so much better!
My mum has been using the strong pain relief on her very sore knee and felt results very quickly. She also tried the magnesium oil and that has worked even better! Almost instantly the pain was mostly gone and she was able to move her knee more freely. She is also experiencing better sleeps after using the magnesium oil. I would strongly recommend these products Thanks to Lynny's Herbal Potions!

Bianca Hodge 03/September/2017

No Pain or Cramps

Pain Balm #NO cramps . NO numb feet .NO sore knees . hips fine . spine better than fine . life is good . 1st application of Magnesium oil spray very noticeable .cramping stopped + NO restless legs sleeping .actually sleep longer and better . thanks Linny.

Muriel A. Cavallaro 19/August/2017

Swelling below knee

Mag Oil. My mum rubs it in her knees every morning. Since Christmas. Her pain is almost gone. Her swelling below her knees and in her ankles has gone. Was big! Shes 72 and first time Ive noticed shapely lefs since I can think. Also side effect is her bladder is working better so sleeping better and if gets up then its worthwhile getting up. Super pleased. Feel free to use this on your website Lynny.

Jo Rogers 16/August/2017

Dislocated Toe Strong Pain Cream

It's amazing stuff and Lynn's always readily available to give advice...my hubby dislocated his toe and used the strong pain cream on his foot...he was stoked not to be out of work any longer than needed, and swears by the strong pain balm now...i use the kawakawa oil on my folliculitus and it works a treat! thank you!

Rebecca Martin-Pope 15/August/2017

Badly Cracked Heels

I've started using the kawakawa balm on my very badly dry and painfully cracked {often bleeding} heels. since using the balm, my feet have been amazingly restored! i will be a customer for life.

L Inger 13/August/2017

Dog ruptured his cruciate, Mums Pain

I came across Lynnys herbal potions by accident on FB. and of course started reading all the positive comments from people suffering extreme chronic pain.
I also noted how people were raving about the benefits to their dogs and even a horse. I have suffered back and leg pain starting from age 21yrs I'm 59yrs now progressing over the decades to severe chronic back and leg pain. I try and self manage through the day, but take 180mg of codeine at night. I started Judo at the age of 9yrs. I'm quite an obsessed person when it comes to exercise sports hobbies so even from 8yrs of age I trained 7 days a week.
I was a champion at 10yrs. At age 18yrs I also ran every day up to 2hrs up and down hills suburbs of Wellington. Then added hard out training at the gym. I actually got to 105kg free lifting.
No doubt you are getting the picture.I hurt my back in Judo and aggravated damage by obsessive power lifting exercises training 2hrs a day every day. I'm pretty skeptical about herbal/ homopathic remedies.
But when you suffer chronic pain you will give anything a go. THANK YOU so much Lynny I got mine on a Saturday just in time as my life is just broken sleep sometimes I can go 24hrs absolutely no sleep at all.
Always tired and exhausted. I do have some other medical issues which also interfere with my ability to get sleep. So I had no Sleep for 48hrs and was starting to go loopy. Sleep deprivation is just TORTURE. Saturday night NO PAIN NO PAIN it was just a miracle. I didn't even take all my codiene it's now been 5 days NO PAIN.ive seen my Dr and I am now withdrawing off the codiene.
Finally my British bulldog partially ruptured his cruciate and unfortunately Monday thought it had fully ruputured. I used Lynnys magnesium spray knowing how effective it was on me. But I decided to put pain balm on top. OMG I could definitely see the effects he lay down and was very contented sleeping most of the day. He does not like normally sprays and ointments as he has had a rough time 9 operations to fix his oesophagus which is the width of a drinking straw. Not genetic but trauma based due to vet incompetence. George was scheduled to see physio for assessment as I am conservatively managing, as an operation, he may not survive the operating table. Unfortunately, I used the magnesium and pain balm before his appt. So it masked his pain. I don't think physio believed me about the herbal products. As he was putting leg down and walking in the assessments, so she advised I could start the restricted lead walks of 4x 10min per day. Of course I noticed if I don't put on he holds his leg up and can't walk. So decided no won't start walking him just yet. I can only say IT WORKS ON YOUR PETS, NO PAIN. �

Michelle Tohi 15/June/2017

Runners Legs Relieved Strong Calf Cramp Magnesium Spray

What a journey you have been on, and how awesome to be soaring as you are now I have been using your magnesium spray on my runners legs nightly before I hop into bed and I love it! Did not remember to do so last night, woke with a strong calf cramp, sprayed the calf and almost immediate relief!
As for the strong pain balm, I think it must be magic! It s so powerful that for over two weeks after I received it I had no neck pain to try it on. Since then I have had one evening of tight sore neck /shoulder muscles, rubbed in the balm, went to bed, soon to sleep and woke in the morning refreshed and pain free! I am singing your praises to everyone who will listen, you are angel

mione Morgan 15/June/2017

Rotator Cuff Injury

After a few days I decided to give the Mag Oil a try on my shoulder. I injured the rotator cuff throwing a cover on a large horse about 4-5 years ago.
It hurt so much that I couldn't even get my arm behind my back to do up my bra, or reach across my body to grab a coffee.Two applications of mag oil at night and I can now turn over in bed and pull up the bed sheets without pain but best of all I can get my arm behind my back and reach for my coffee. I use the strong pain balm and mag oil on my Achilles tendon and am slowly seeing an improvement. I am a very happy lady

Karen Webster 12/June/2017

Knee Joint Instant Relief Mag Oil

I had a bout of what looked like the onset of flu symptoms - aching joints and muscles, scratchy throat, coughing and a fever. Determined to fight it off before the days turned into a week I took a herbal remedy from a local store.After mentioning my aches to my daughter, she gave me her MAG oil to try. I really had no expectations, so I got a shock when the first spray to my knee joint got instant relief (in like 10 seconds). Still in a state of shock, I sprayed my other knee and it had the same affect! Needless to say, I sprayed every aching joint and muscle over a 2 day period and I believe this has contributed to halting my flu in its tracks. I still have a cough, but the aches are gone! I have now placed an order to buy the triple treat and I look forward to using your products in the future. MAG oil is the best!!!

Msari Teira 07/June/2017

knees and hands SPR

I ordered the Strong Pain Relief Balm after a good friend suggested your products. I have to say I wasn't expecting the results I'm getting, I can't thank you enough for making this product. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 20 (now 27) and I have never used something that is this effective. I woke at 4am today inconsolable and in extreme pain - knees and hands especially. Within 15-20 minutes of applying the balm I was feeling relief. Thank you!

Sarah Hull 10/May/2017

Mag Oil Works

I was a bit meh about the magnesium oil, until I ran out. I had rough sleep, when I wasn't suffering insomnia, my knees started hurting again, my hips restarted seizing up, and all my aches and pains returned.
I am so impressed with the promptness of delivery after ordering too. I ordered on friday and had it on Tuesday. I am not gong to run out again.

Julzz Kuhn 07/March/2017

Mag for instant pain relief

Totally endorse you order the Magnesium spray for instant pain relief!! Its been awesome, due to needing both hips replaced & also when my legs were ulcerated, the Magnesium spray would relieve the leg pain. Very thankful to Lynny’s Herbal potions...

Katrina Nicholson 11/January/2017

Club Feet Post Op

A young boy had both feet operated on for club feet, he was in so much pain before using my Root PRO Spray. His caregiver Nan reported: It really is working very well.
It saw swollen and hot and he could hardly bear me touching it. Now I can really massage it, and do his stretching exercises without any pain.Its wonderful.
On another note, I gave some of my strong pain balm to a young woman I'm working with who has a ganglion cyst on her wrist that was hurting lifting alot and it helped instantly! We are both Astonished.(
I received this review quite a while ago, and have it printed and on my wall, along with a photo of the wee boy)

Nana 08/January/2017

After Hip Replacement

You cream is a blessing, I had a hip replacement 6 weeks ago, and a friend gave be a spare pot they brought from you. Its helped with pain so much, thank you, you are an angel. I'd like 2 more pots, one to share 🙂

MS 21/September/2016

They do actually work

Honestly people Lynny's Herbal Potions do actually work! Id had a lot of pain when I tore my calf muscle, but since I've been using the magnesium spray & the pain relief rub I'm able to move with less pain. Bless you Lynny you make beautiful products. O M

O M 11/July/2016

93 year old belly dancing granny

I just had a lovely phone call from Daisy, she lives in a caravan in a holiday park down near Wellington. She is 93 years young, has never taken any medications in her life... Thats pretty amazing huh...
She said she has all the aches and pains you expect after living that long, but now she needs a hip replacement, since she is considered too old for an op, and she was considering taking painkillers, because the pain was so bad...
and brought her first order pot of cream and a bottle of Magnesium Oil off me about 10 days ago. She's loving both products, and has started belly dancing again...
Anyway she has shared my pain relief cream around with other folks at the holiday park so she's almost out, and wanted to reorder.. not only for herself, but for 2 other people that have tried her pot of pain cream.
I think she deserves a free pot of pain relief cream don't you?
You have got to love a 93 year old belly dancing granny that share's my cream around, just because it works so well for her...
She's just so pleased she doesn't have to take painkillers... what a darling....

Daisy from Wellington 15/April/2016

Review from Users Hubby

Gotta say Lynny, I was suss about your cream, all those people saying it fixed everything. I was willing not to like it when my wife brought it, but I gotta say its bloody good. I been putting it on her back, hip and knee, and she's moving around so much easier, and she's smiling a lot again.
It used to make me cringe to see her in such pain. The arthritis in me hands hasn't been a problem at all since I started putting it on her either.... it lasts well too, almost 3 months from a pot.
Your a good girl Lynny, thank you...
Dan and Carol, Chch

Dan and Carol, Chch 05/April/2016

Kawakawa Balm interestinger and interestinger

KawaKawa Cream my 2nd review. .
The warm glow it produces where its applied is as close to perfect as I have felt, gosh a massage with this cream would be awesomeness. I often get hot feet in bed, but last night although I stuck my feet out of bed, it was just because I loved the warmth on my feet such a pleasant glow rather than hot, seems obvious it encourages circulation. I'll have too see what happens on a really hot day, I hate hot weather, now I want a hot day 🙂
I had no problem with pain anywhere last night, and the itching I have on my ankles and hips was gone, a couple of very itchy/sore insect bites I have are still not itching this morning, and just checking the lumps have disappeared as well. Oh I have an itchy scar, I'll go put some on that and see how it goes... be right back 🙂
Ok, thank you for waiting,
Last night I had a painful big toenail around the edge, I just checked that and its fine this morning.. interesting...
I'm now sitting here waiting for some pain to come back, so I can test it on my usual pain... lol... only Lynny wants pain to come back, just so she can test a product ...
I just googled Kawakawa and topically it says "Kawakawa leaf applications were also used for bruises and rheumatism, the pain of neuralgia and nettle stings, as well as for eczema.", "useful in conditions such as chilblains, varicose veins, and poor circulation."
acts as a mild insect repellent
insect bites, sand-flies, mosquitoes & bug bites
eczema, skin rashes and skin infections & eruptions
poor circulation, varicose veins, chilblains & Raynauds
bruises, swellings, boils, ringworm,
scalds and sun burn
cuts, sores, abscesses, wounds, abrasions
aches & pains, rheumatism, neuralgia, arthritis
I can't find any contraindications (Side effects) for using it... interestinger and interestinger.
Gosh looking around at folks selling Kawakawa preparations commercially, they are definitely out to make money, a lot of money. I couldn't justify $55+ a pot not even half that, no matter how I worked it out. Interesting enough, the comfrey balm is a even more expensive.
My next job I have to find some folks that suffer from cold hands or feet, and skin conditions and see how it works for them. will be getting some cuttings and growing some plants to use.... I know just the place to grow a bush for 5 🙂
I really, really really like this Kawakawa balm, did I tell you I like this balm 🙂

Lynny B 08/March/2016

It Really Works Kevin

I would like to thank you for the pain cream and magnesium oil, I used it as soon as it arrived and felt instant relief so I used it twice daily for a couple of days and my pain was a lot more tolerable so last night I only put it on one of my knees and my back, this morning I had no pain in the knee I had rubbed the cream into but the other knee was really sore.
I can say 100% that your products work and the hand I use to apply the cream has less pain from carpal tunnel syndrome meaning I can play my guitar for longer. Thanks so much Lynny

‎Kevin Jones‎ 14/February/2016

Doggie Review

Doggie Review... Woof woof, thank you 😉
Mothers Review... Sandy is a rescue fox terror, she had a hard life before we got her, she had puppies to young, and to many litters, and she had fractured hips before we got her.
Sandy has arthritis so badly, the vet suggested I think seriously about putting her down, because of her pain. After reading all your review posts, I thought Sandy had nothing to lose, last Sunday when I was going to give her a bath, I rubbed in about 2 teaspoons of your cream under her belly, and all round her hips. I went to get the towels and tub for her bath, I came back and my dear Sandy was walking around almost normally.
I cried I was so happy, I took her into see the vet this week, and he couldn't believe it. I have during the week found I didn't need to use so much as the first time, I was just guessing, and Dear Sandy is now wiggling her bum, something she hasn't been able to do at all for over a year. I also noticed that she is licking the cream off her coat, she has had no hope of reaching around like that for ages. The vet, would like to get some of your cream and will contact you, and I, of course, would like some more, and I'll start paying off a big pot for next time. Thank you Lynny, you are an Angel. (((HUGS)))

Sandy and his Mum 31/January/2016

Newly Broken Toe

After reading your post about your ankle, I used it on my newly broken toe, it brought the bruising out quickly, and much relieved the pain around toe.

January 28, 2016 ·
Review from Janice K.

Janice K 28/January/2016

Pre-Hip Replacement

My fella who is waiting for a hip replacement, tried your cream, he loves it, lowers him pain from 8/10 to 4/10, and is clearing up a rash he's got.

January 28, 2016
Review from Cindy D.

Cindy D 28/January/2016

Sprained Ankle Again

Injured ankle second time.
My ankle was healing very well and fast, until I half woke up from a nasty nightmare, the way I deal with nightmares is to get up and walk around... totally forgetting about my ankle I got up and walked... holy heck, I now know what that pain level 10 is like... anyway since I had to go back to bed, it was still about 4am, so I would be in bed for a few hours, I got an empty bread bag, (I first tried gladwrap, not so good) and used a heap of cream (about a teaspoonful) on my ankle, and placed the bread bag over it. The bag stuck to the cream and absorbed overnight, the new swelling was almost gone when I got up. I have done this a few times during the day since, and my ankle is healing well, its still a bit sore to walk far on, but I can actually stand on it, which is amazing for only 8 days.

Lynny the Boss 25/January/2016

Hip Replaced Waiting

I read the post about using on hip that needed replacing, I got your cream the next day for my husband, he says its working a treat, and will have a pain-free Christmas because of it,
I'm sending a check for 3 pots, to go to different people, it'll be too late for Christmas, but they will be so much happier early next year. Thank you so much. Kate

Kate 24/December/2015

Discs Fused

I had 2 discs fused last week, its very painful, a friend gave be some of your pain cream on Tuesday, pain meds weren't working much, but your cream took the pain away totally, I slept all night like a baby, best I've slept in years. I'd love to take a pot now. Jess

Jess 24/December/2015

waiting for a hip replacement

Dear Lynny, I'd like some more of your magic cream, I brought some for my own arthritis but used it on my husband, he's waiting for a hip replacement, and says its wonderful, doesn't take away all the pain, but he's walking without stick now. We still have a six month wait, so can we get a bigger pot please. Laney

Laney 27/October/2015

Foot Pain

I had a phonecall from my oldest cream user, a lovely woman who lives in a resthouse over Coromandel way. She is now on her 3rd pot of cream, she has pain in her heels, that becomes very bothersome at night, and stops her from sleeping well. She told me how cream helps so much, and sometimes how it runs out or stops working during the night, so she gets a night nurse to come and apply more cream.
I suggested she use the patches I had sent, but she said no, she likes having the night staff putting the cream on.
She went on to say how lovely it was living in that home, it sounds like a lovely place, its so nice to hear of someone having a good experience in a retirement home. I'm going to have to get over and meet her one day. Maybe soon I'll have a car 🙂

Oldest User 06/May/2015

Painful feet when walking

Painful feet use Mag Oil: Usually when I get up 2 walk Im pretty crippled and in alot of pain... like walking and all the bones in my feet feel broken kind of pain.
After spraying ur product on last nyt as suggested 4 a good nyts sleep I got out of bed this morning and the pain I had experienced in my feet upon rising has decreased by up to 99% I would say.
It is late afternoon and I can still get on my feet and start walking around without any real discomfort... I have been in quite excruciating pain for at least 1 year to my memory and now this. Perhaps I would go so far as to say the pain has decreased by 99.999%. I'm Truly Amazed and very Thankful. So Thank you.

Karen T 06/May/2015