Today found the last 20L bucket of balm base, so I made up big batch, and the last tin 100ml of Strong Pain Relief Balm. 
From now on, hopefully it will be all made in bulk, it was quite sad doing the last tin, I estimate I have made more than 2000 pots tins over the years… a lot given away and a lot sold. So it was the end of an area for real…
I labeled and bubble wrapped the last pot, with a wee tear in my eye, thinking of the journey to get here. My first batch was 6 pottles, the largest batch was 222 tins. l then walked out to the kitchen to put the jug on for a cuppa, and looked at all the greasy, balmy, waxy pots and cooking utensils, and rings on the bench where tins had overflowed and I started doing a little happy dance, I’m surely not going to miss this part of making making my original product. In saying that, those disher’s are still waiting for me to do them 🙂

I also made a big pot of cough control, enough to last until the end of winter at least. Tomorrow, if I can, I will make up a big batch of Cayenne Balm, And Wednesday or this week, I’ll make more Magnesium Cream, then I can put away all the things I use to make my products for the winter… yeah, I get the kitchen back.

The bulk  Strong Pain Relief tins will arrive this week, they were finished last Friday I believe, then there will be a big job of bubble wrapping a couple of hundred of them. Then the bubble wrap and labels can be put away in the shipping container.

I put the last tin aside, and will write on the bottom “Last Handmade Tin” so in about a month start checking the underside of the tin you buy 🙂