After 22 years of pain, you’d think I remember I can stop it, I have the potions… I decided to have an earlyish night tonight, because the pain was pretty bad, so turned on an audio book to listen to, and went to bed, my hands, shoulder and back were so painful, I was rocking and shaking, tossing and turning to try to distract myself from the pain.
After an hour I was massaging my hands and neck in bed, and I finally thought, get up and put some pain cream on Lynny, which I did, just before I started writing this post. Pain is gone now.. a couple of minutes later… so why on earth didn’t I think, as soon as the pain started to use my own cream… I was like that when I used painkillers too, that link in my brain between I’ve got pain and do something about it has always been broken…. anyway, I’m yawning and tired now so back to bed. Good Night.

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