How to use your strong pain balm relief and root pro spray

I have been using both the strong pain relief balm and root pro for pain in my muscles, hips, nerves, bursitis, arthritis and back pain, and recently a broken wrist!

Take time to massage the pain relief balm into the area to get the most beneficial effects on a cellular level. It can be used on top of the mag oil after the Magnesium Oil has dried so you don’t get that sometimes dry or oily feel. I have noticed that when I’m on my feet a lot it helps to relieve the muscle tension, and nerve tendon pain.
For a persistent pain that is ongoing like arthritis I use the root pro after the strong pain relief balm for that extra bit of relief. Root pro has been great for ear pain & sinus pain just pop some onto your finger and rub it on the inside of your ear, rub gently over your nose and along your cheek bones or rub into your temples to help relieve headache pain.
It has been fantastic for my chronic bursitis pain & I use this each night as part of my bedtime regimen!

Get the Blitz Pain Pack which has both Strong Pain Relief Balm and Root PRO
The Triple Pain Combo Pack which also have the Magnesium Oil.