The stress of medication.

Before I start writing the following blog I would like to mention that this is written from my own personal opinion and experience. I am not a medical doctor nor am I saying to stop any medication that you are prescribed. This blog is written to bring an awareness to how medication can cause stress on your body , to explain the facts of how it can cause stress on your body and how your body reacts to medication.
I would like you to think about the following:
If you are taking prescription medications/drugs to mask the symptoms and you’re creating deficiencies that create the same kinds of symptoms that your medications are supposed to be treating then ask yourself where are you winning?
Does your doctor prescribe medication that are only masking symptoms instead of looking into the root cause of your illness or disease and what else could you do to overcome this? Does your doctor talk about your diet? Does your doctor talk about your lifestyle to get a better understanding on what could be the possible cause of you needing prescription medications? Why do you have __________ fill in the blank? What can you do to help this illness or disease. If you have to take medication “for life” then what is this doing to your body? Is it treating your illness or is it just suppressing it creating other symptoms of nutrient deficiency or other health problems? Honestly it is like going around in circles. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every doctor had the time and resources to treat you as an individual,holistically and naturally in the prevention of illness and disease. Instead of one pill fits all. Note to self; read up on all of the side effects of each of your medications you are on and weigh up this idea, is it worth taking? What are the alternatives to prescription medications? What else could be done to help me get on top of my symptoms and solve the cause of my health issues.
The following are some examples of the side effects and deficiencies that are well researched and studied;
Steroids can cause magnesium deficiency and calcium deficiency and vitamin d deficiency. It can cause vitamin c deficiency & L Glutamine deficiency. Low levels of these nutrients can cause chronic pain. How that works is you are using steroids to help treat chronic pain yet taking steroids creates a new mechanism where it takes on new pathways by depleting nutrients and mimics your disease in your body to create more pain. Then what happens is your pain medication is increased and your chronic pain continues on and this is just a vicious cycle! Steriods can cause you to gain weight, have muscle loss, & bone loss. You can end up with lupus induced by steroids.
Being on a medication causes a deficit then creates the same disease the medication is treating.
COQ10 deficiency causes high blood pressure.
Diabetes medications can cause high blood pressure.
Cholesterol medications can cause heart disease.
B12 deficiency causes fatigue and anemia and can lead to neuropathies.
Recent studies show that these medications cause a leaky gut and microbiome dysfunction.
NSAIDs like Naproxen, ibuprofen,aspirin & Celebrex, are medications used for pain.
By taking these you may get a temporary healing scenario however, long periods of use can cause erosions in the esophageal and in the stomach & small intestinal lining and that can lead to bleeding. That bleeding can lead to chronic muscle pain and lead to leaky gut and that is a precursor for people’s chronic pain and autoimmune illnesses.
Leaky gut can cause toxins to get in to your blood stream that can cause problems with your liver and other organs and can damage the kidney.
Protein is the fuel source for your muscles and immune system, so by taking these medications that block these nutrients long enough then it is going to cause immunosuppression and immunodeficiency problems which can lead to autoimmunity. Immune suppressing drugs can cause chronic inflammation and lymphoma which is cancer!
We may ask where pain comes from when it comes to inflammation, for most people it is there diet. People are eating things they are allergic too, toxic foods, food additives, or being exposed to chemicals that are all creating inflammatory responses.
One of the factors in helping control inflammation is exercise.
There are also infections which can cause an inflammatory response and nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin c, folate and amino acids.
Opiates or narcotics slows down your G.I motility & can trigger constipation which leads to leaky gut which can leak into your bloodstream causing inflammation and chronic pain. As mentioned above, immune suppressing medications are linked to lymphoma, a cancer, and suppressing the immune system which can lead to you being exposed to chronic infections, which can cause inflammation and pain, and so what do you take for that? Pain medication! And so the cycle continues.
Tylenol can actually damage your liver.
Anti seizure meds can lead to B1 & B12 deficiency.
SSRI’S like antidepressants interfere with your folate & B12 levels and cause problems in your G.I tract and can lead to pain.
I have only mentioned the above with what pain medication does in relation to chronic pain and inflammation. Pain medication has its uses in situations like acute pain, taken short term or when you do have major pain from an accident, broken bones, metal plates, have an organ transplant or terminal illnesses when it is necessary to take.
But for people that suffer from inflammation in their bodies that cause pain or autoimmune disease then finding out the actual cause of that inflammation is necessary to be able to treat it correctly instead of being given pain medication long term to suppress or dampen down the inflammation.

Taking any pain medication long term is a very serious concern. You really should talk with your doctor if you are worried or starting to suffer side effects.
To help yourself when suffering from chronic pain and inflammation then make sure you get enough sleep, a good well balanced diet, control and manage stress, get exercise and sunshine. Have a good support system. Get your nutrient levels tested by your doctor.
Having Vitamin C, D and magnesium deficiency can cause chronic inflammation.
Chronic stress secretes more cortisol which can cause L Glutamine deficiency.
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