My journey so far.

Just over 2 years ago my health problems started.
I was working fulltime as a preschool teacher and loving life.
I had swelling in my right knee overnight and within a few days i had to visit a & e as i couldn’t walk due to the swelling and pain.
I started on prescription pain medication and antibiotics. Over a period of a few months i visited an orthopedic surgeon, he got me to use a leg brace, had bloodwork done, xrays, MRI, saw a spinal surgeon and spent a lot of time with my g.p. I even spent time in hospital where at that stage I started to use crutches. I was then given more pain medication and had to try yet another antibiotic. I finally got a referral on to see a rheumatologist, more bloodwork, more xrays, nuclear medicine test, & more time with my g.p.
A diagnosis from a rheumatologist 8 months later from my first symptoms;

Degenerative Spondyloarthropathy lumber spine
Psoriatic arthritis
2 types psoriasis
Bilateral trochanteric Bursitis
Greater trochanteric pain syndrome
Osteoarthritis in right wrist and knee

Wow, I didnt know how to take that all in upon my first diagnosis! All i knew was that i was in pain 24/7..
I started my journey of trialing prescription medications.
These included codeine, nortriptyline, gabapentin, prednisone, tramadol, naproxyn, steroid injections, and many other pain medications, antibiotics, and the biggest one was methotrexate! Are you kidding me! Methotrexate is chemotherapy! I was on 26 pills a day!
By the beginning of 2019, a year and a half after my first symptoms appeared, I wasnt getting any better! In fact my symptoms had gotten worse & my psoriatic arthritis had spread to other areas that it had not been in upon my first diagnosis in February 2018.I couldn’t work, I was in chronic pain, suffering from severe fatigue and overall was starting to feel desperate.
I woke one morning in January and said to myself that’s it! I have had enough of all of this medication! I couldn’t distinguish between my original pain and inflammation to my whole body in extreme pain.
So I went cold Turkey! YES, cold Turkey. 4 days of feeling like I was going to die! Nausea, vomiting, in and out of consciousness, 4 days I can not remember.
As I slowly became more conscious I realized that instead of relying on others to dictate what I should be doing or taking for my health problems, I started researching my diagnosis to really understand it, what could be the possible causes, considering there is no genetic link in my family!
While researching I came across Lynnys Herbal Pain Relief page. I reached out, asked questions and watched her page, reading comments and further researching the ingredients in her balms to see how they could work for me..
In the mean time i made a drastic change to my diet. I have predominantly been whole plant based since January 2019. I have removed grains, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, red meat & any processed food.
I purchased my first triple combo from Lynny and focused on a regime of magnesium oil up to 5 times a day, then using the strong pain relief balm at least 3 to 4 times a day, focusing on the painful muscular areas and the root pro for the stubborn pain, or when i had to drive, walk a distance or in general when i was out and about from home. I also used the root pro when I broke my wrist a few months ago! The hospital did not pick up the fracture in my wrist until 3 weeks after my fall!
Since then I’ve added to my collection of Lynnys Herbal Pain Products and included cayenne balm for my nerve pain in ankle, knee, shoulders & neck which is part of my psoriatic arthritis, the foot balm to help with my plantar fasciitis, kawakawa balm for my psoriasis, and cough control for my chest coughs, sinusitis & hayfever. I also use the root pro to massage across the bridge of my nose and across the cheeks when I get pain in my sinuses usually due to an infection and havent needed antibiotics. I use the root pro also for migraines and ear pain and it works wonders.
I am still free of prescription medications, on the odd occasion I may take a panadol however I will never go back to that crazy regime of medication which have so many major side effects! I keep my crutches in the boot of my car as a just incase emergency!
I am now living my life holistically, as natural as possible, plant based, & stress free as I possibly can.
I have included a few vitamin & mineral supplements, I go to hydrotherapy twice weekly, I go to physical therapy weekly, I use Lynnys products daily & do meditation.
For anyone that is suffering from chronic pain, disease, inflammation, & other problems I can’t recommend Lynnys herbal pain balms enough. I’ve tried so many other products with little to no success. Lynnys products have been a major turning point with my pain and I can honestly say they work, if you commit to using them properly!

One very happy customer