Do you suffer from high sugar levels? Are you prediabetic? Or have you been diagnosed with diabetes?
I want to discuss with you today the process of what you eat and drink and how that is broken down in your body.

How blood sugar works is a process which involves the use of your bloodstream, pancreas and your cells. These 3 elements all have to communicate appropriately for your blood sugar levels to regulate correctly and to prevent diabetes. There are certain foods that you consume that trigger high blood pressure. Obviously sugar is at the top of the list and that really is a no brainer! But there is also dairy and grains too. We will discuss this in our next blog in more detail on diabetes. But for now these 3 foods in excessive amounts are going to trigger high blood pressure and that will trigger diabetes.

So let me explain how this works. The food that you eat is broken down into the bloodstream, mostly to glucose. That glucose sends a message to the pancreas that it needs to release insulin into the bloodstream and that interacts with the insulin receptor on the surface of the cell. That insulin receptor then sends a message through the cell which will then open the doorway into the cell for the glucose and that is how we get energy. One way to control our glucose levels is to monitor your intake of sugar, dairy, & grains and eat a diet that is healthy in fresh veges and fruits, grass fed meats & poultry, fish, healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, herbs and spices.

For those 3 elements I’ve listed above it involves the use of certain vitamins and minerals. Have your doctor check your Vit D, Vit B’s, Zinc, Coq10, Chromium and in particular a Red Blood Cell = RBC magnesium test as the magnesium serum test is not accurate and can give you a false or inaccurate reading.

There are 8 steps that your cell needs magnesium for to produce energy. If you have low levels or magnesium then your cell cannot process properly to produce that energy. When you have high blood sugar levels you also tend to pee more so when you pee more you are losing even more magnesium. By using magnesium oil you can help to balance and maintain your magnesium levels naturally, and by using magnesium oil it is a safe, and effective way of getting magnesium into your body on a cellular level.

The more you apply magnesium oil onto your skin, and massage it into your skin then you will feel the benefits of using it. From all the research that is done you need to apply at least 30-40 sprays a day for optimal levels of magnesium. This may seem a lot however you can do this throughout the day or try splitting up the process by using 15-20 sprays of magnesium oil morning and evening .If you cant reach areas of your body like your feet and back just concentrate on the areas you can reach like your stomach, your chest, neck, & shoulders, your arms, and the tops of your legs as you can do this when sitting.
Keep an eye out for our next blog as we are going in depth on diabetes and other health conditions that are related to diabetes.
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There will be at least one more blog post on the subject of Diabetes over the weekend.