Head Shoulders Testimonials

Pain Relieved ty

I have bought the strong pain relief balm and the Root Pro Spray which I use together on my ankles and feet Shoulders arms and hands I am unable to make a fist my feet and ankles swell up and some days I can hardly walk I am unable to stand for 10 minutes it is so painful At night the pain in my shoulders and arms is so painful it brings tears to my eyes

Your Balm and Root Pro spray helps relieve the pain I will continue to buy your products

Julene Nevin 08/April/2019

Migraine Regularly

I suffer migraine regularly! I have been using your strong pain relief any sign of one along with magnesium . Rather than taking my medication . I have found it's helping ease them away. I have spent so many hours/days in bed over the years due to migraine. Such a waste of life

Shelly Bullock 28/January/2019

5 mins migraine was gone

Received my Triple Pain Combo today, wasn't going to try it until after tea but felt a migraine coming on so I put Root PRO Spary on my hand the size of a pea and applied it the base of my neck, within 5 mins migraine was gone. Thanks Lynny

Lynn Richards 25/January/2019

Neck injury

I've been using all of Lynny's pain relief products for a while. But today after consulting with Lynny I'm a complete convert. My 13yr old daughter had an accident while playing in the pool with her 9yr old twin brothers last night. Getting bent over backwards hurting her neck and back. Barely able to move but fairly sure it was just muscular damage and not skeletal I threw everything herbal and conventional at her last night. This morning after consultiong with Lynny I sprayed her first with Magnesium spray then rubbed the pain relief balm into the affected areas. It's now 24hrs later and have done this 3 times today and shes moving around like not much happened. No added panadol or Ibruphen. Just Lynnys Magic Potions.

Brenda Smith 22/January/2019

an array ailments

I used the magnesium oil for such an array ailments within my family. Healing aches and pains after surgery. Head aches. Aching legs, tendons. Sleep. Stress tension. Itchy bites. Sciatica. It is brilliant.

Nicola Rose 15/January/2019

Painful Knees Root Oil

I speak from my heart Lynny you have changed my world.
Thank you very much for being a healer and being clever to create these wonderful products.
As you know I use daily on my knees to get thru my shift at night. I also worked out if I get stiff neck I put on as well and it works a treat.
Haven' put neck out in ages. My chiropractor must be missing me. I found out by rubbing my neck while applying at work one night. My hands love it too.

pk 18/December/2018

Free from pain

My husband was having a lot of pain in his neck and after using Lynnys strong pain relief he was at last free from pain
Am ordering more to have on hand a very good product for pain relief the best yet.

Lynette B. 12/December/2018

Love Root Product

I love this Root product, it is all I am using now and is keeping me pain free,
I have osteoarthritis in hip and lower back, so when I have a shower put 2 drops on my leg and 1 on my shoulder and presto no pain all day. keep up the good work that you do you are the best Lynny.

Judy Stephenson 01/October/2018

Magnesium Oil no Twinges Pain Relaxed

Tonight using the Magnesium Oil after a nice hot bath, been sitting on my lazy boy for the past 40 minutes no twinges of pain yet so far nice and relaxed loving it......5 days of using and its really working for us both.
Yesterday I used the saffron on my elbow joints and it worked like a charm as well. The difference between the two I reckon is the oil has a damp feeling when you put your clothes on and the saffron disappears straight away nice dry feeling. But both are great products and worth buying.
The balm is also a very good product its healing properties is the same as the spray. Will be using the saffron for the base of my head area and temples find this very soothing. The pain relief of all these products last up to 20hrs even after this time the pain is not as intense as it usually is just a spray top up and no pain. My taane uses the Magnesium Oil for his back pain works straight away for him he uses this everyday. Works for us thanks Lynny better than popping pills love this type of healing with Rongoa........

Annette Ani Marsh 13/June/2018

Relieve Shingles Pain

I use the magnesium oil and Kawakawa balm and the strong pain relief. Absolutely brilliant products!
I have recommended them to family and they use them now too. The combination of magnesium oil and strong pain relief is the only thing to relieve shingles pain for me. I cannot thank Lynny enough for developing these products.I have nerve pain on my face, neck and upper torso and before I used these products nothing worked to ease it.
The pain relief balm is gentle enough to use on my face but takes the pain away! I also have sensitive skin and am able to use these products without any problems.
I no longer have to take magnesium tablets, just use the oil spray which works so much faster. No more leg cramps at night. I also use the magnesium spray on my dog when he gets very stressed and it works wonderfully. Fully recommend all of Lynny's products. This woman is amazing

Carla Schoonbeek 20/January/2018

All Pain Almost Instantly Gone

My mum and I have been using these wonderful herbal potions for a few days now and we love them!
I have been using the strong pain relief for neck and shoulder tension and it is amazing. Feel relief from the pain instantly. I'm also using the magnesium oil and have found it to really improve my sleep, it has a very calming effect and I've been sleeping so much better!
My mum has been using the strong pain relief on her very sore knee and felt results very quickly. She also tried the magnesium oil and that has worked even better! Almost instantly the pain was mostly gone and she was able to move her knee more freely. She is also experiencing better sleeps after using the magnesium oil. I would strongly recommend these products Thanks to Lynny's Herbal Potions!

Bianca Hodge 03/September/2017

Daughters Moods have been 10x better Mag Oil

Wow!! The strong magnesium oil is such an amazing product. Within minutes of applying the oil to my neck and shoulders the pain had decreased but wow how relaxed I felt!!
I've now been using for a week and the most amazing sense of calm I've felt has blown me away. I even rub onto my 10 year old daughters shoulders before bed and she has slept better and deeper and her moods have been 10x better. I'm so thankful I found this product! ! I also use it on my legs before bed or after the gym to help with inflammation and restless legs (I'm only 34!) So happy with this
Thank you Lynny.

Angela Smither 27/June/2017

Lower back and shoulders joint pain relief

I have been using Lynns magnesium oil spray and strong pain relief on my lower back and shoulders daily for pain in my joints. ..oh my the relief. I also offered it to some friends and family. They are now ordering as it has worked for them..

Lorraine Clemett 19/June/2017

Runners Legs Relieved Strong Calf Cramp Magnesium Spray

What a journey you have been on, and how awesome to be soaring as you are now I have been using your magnesium spray on my runners legs nightly before I hop into bed and I love it! Did not remember to do so last night, woke with a strong calf cramp, sprayed the calf and almost immediate relief!
As for the strong pain balm, I think it must be magic!Β It s so powerful that for over two weeks after I received it I had no neck pain to try it on. Since then I have had one evening of tight sore neck /shoulder muscles, rubbed in the balm, went to bed, soon to sleep and woke in the morning refreshed and pain free! I am singing your praises to everyone who will listen, you are angel

mione Morgan 15/June/2017

Rotator Cuff Injury

After a few days I decided to give the Mag Oil a try on my shoulder. I injured the rotator cuff throwing a cover on a large horse about 4-5 years ago.
It hurt so much that I couldn't even get my arm behind my back to do up my bra, or reach across my body to grab a coffee.Two applications of mag oil at night and I can now turn over in bed and pull up the bed sheets without pain but best of all I can get my arm behind my back and reach for my coffee. I use the strong pain balm and mag oil on my Achilles tendon and am slowly seeing an improvement. I am a very happy lady

Karen Webster 12/June/2017

Stiff neck gone

59 year old man, Hell Lynny, that cream of your is good, I used it again last night, put it on stiff neck, and this morning its gone, usually that sort of pain takes at least a week to come right

Guest 04/December/2015

yummy smell, works fast

Hey, tried the cream....yummy smell, works fast. Neck, back, left shoulder.

ND 14/November/2015

100% Pain Relief

Its magic, only thing that gives me 100% pain relief for shoulder pain, I have had for 6 years.

D L 21/September/2015

Shoulder Pain vs SPRB

Review from Paul who just returned from a month on a fishing boat. He has a bum shoulder, that has been extremely painful, especially when trying to sleep at night. He spoke to me this morning...

That cream is really good Lynny, instead of laying awake for hours at night, I got a good nights sleep every night. You were wrong about having to put it on 2 or 3 times a day though... I was getting 2 to 3 days relief from one use πŸ™‚ Trouble is, I'm finished the container.
I said, hell any wonder it was working for days, you must have been using a 2 or 3 teaspoons each time
He replied, that no, he used it sparingly like I said, but other men on the boat, where coming to him when they got injured and asking for the cream.
He carried on to explain, that with that commercial fishing work, they can't afford to have anyone under the influence of painkillers, which is a really good point.
I suggested he take a few extra pots next trip and sell them their own pot πŸ™‚
I'm actually sort of surprised it worked on their new injuries so well and so quickly, it was designed to work on chronic (longterm) pain, but thinking about it, it makes sense, the main ingredient is well known for healing broken skin and bones. πŸ™‚

Paul S 05/April/2015