I’m going to grow Oyster Mushrooms Again.

The photo is from last time I grew oyster mushrooms almost a year ago.
This time I’m going to get the oysters mushroom in 3 colours, pink, white and brown, and it will help me stay out of mischief.
pink oyster mushrooms



Good Vibes Fungi Shopoyster mushroom growing kit Good Vibes Fungi You can buy some of these Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits from these lovely people above. Click on the link, and check out the 3 different kits, on their new website shop.

Oyster Mushroom are very easy to grow, read more about
Growing your own Mushrooms with with these Oyster Mushroom Kits

The owners of Good Vibes Fungi prepared 1000  of these grow bags for an expo they had a stall in 3 days, but of course it’s been canceled with the flu thing, but they advertised on fakebook, and have been crazy busy with sending these growing kits, but they are pretty confident they will sell them all.


So while the world is freaking out about this flu thing, tomorrow in New Zealand we start 4 weeks of…  I’m so uninterested in the whole, “keep everyone in fear” drama thing I don’t even know what its called…
I have social anxiety, so stay away from other people anyway, so I won’t know the difference.I’d rather be home Growing Oyster Mushrooms