Fibro has only appeared in the past few decades and affects mostly women. The emotional pain is heightened due to a lack of medical recognition of this condition & when fibro is diagnosed, the medical treatment is completely drug oriented.
Fibro is a chronic pain condition with widespread musculoskeletal aches and pain & stiffness, soft tissue tenderness, general fatigue & sleep disturbances. The neck, back, shoulders, pelvis, hips, legs & hands are most commonly affected sites, but any part of the body can be involved. The pain of fibro is deep muscular aching, throbbing, twitching, stabbing, and shooting pain with accompanying nerve symptoms by numbness, tingling and burning. The pain and stiffness when waking in the morning is also aggravated by cold, damp weather, poor sleep, exhausting fatigue, excessive physical activity, too little physical activity, anxiety and stress. Fibro doesn’t just affect the muscles, nerves and sleep, it is associated with things like irritable bowel & bladder, headaches & migraines, restless legs, brain fog, skin sensitivity & rashes, dry eyes & mouth, anxiety and depression, ringing in ears, dizziness, vision problems, Raynauds Syndrome & impaired coordination.
The diagnosis for fibromyalgia is based on your history and symptoms and specific tenderpoints upon examination. Some doctors have not been taught how to diagnose fibro so you are often told you are depressed or there is nothing wrong with you, that it is ‘all in your head’.
Researchers admit that for a large percentage of people the onset of fibromyalgia is triggered by trauma, illness or injury, & possible physiological problems. Recent studies are promising with the link to the mitochondria.
However natural medicine doctors advise that fibro may be the painful endpoint after years of chronic stress, trauma, immunizations, fatigue, infections and a bad diet. Yeast overgrowth can lead to fibro & CFS. The toxins from viruses, yeast, parasites, & a bad diet find their way to the joints & muscles in a large portion of people. The painful result according to Chinese medicine is actually a protective mechanism in order to divert these pathogens away from internal organs. Knowing this should be a wake up call to reduce your various stressors.triple-pain-combo
So the result for some is arthritis, as it mostly affects the joints & for others it culminates in fibro which mostly affects the muscles.
A holistic view of taking care of yourself:
Cut back on your intake of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, dairy, wheat & smoking. If you can completely eliminate these it would be ideal. Add food into your diet that is fill of nutrients, vegetables, fruit, herbs & spices, olive and coconut oils, free farmed or organic meats, eggs & poultry. You can add supplements like coq10, omega fish oils or cod liver oil, ascorbic acid in water, ask Lynny about this as she sells it!
Very gentle exercise like yoga, tai chi, & hydrotherapy. Go to a sauna to sweat out those toxins or get a gentle massage. Try using arnica or Bach flower remedies.

And use Lynny’s magnesium oil daily for the muscular aches and nerve pain, tender spots, headaches, and for relaxing your body for sleep. Take time to massage your body, especially those tender areas.
You can also use the Strong Pain Relief Balm and root oil for the chronic pain you have too as that does help. Apply it after you have used and allowed the magnesium oil to soak into your skin, about 20 mins if your chronic pain areas dont settle and need that extra bit of relief.
You are not alone in your fibromyalgia journey! There are many of us that suffer from this debilitating condition, so take good care of you 🌷

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