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This is long but I want to tell you everything Lynny.I have been diagnosed fibro for 20 years, but had it for much longer since a horseriding accident as a teen.I have been using your root pro oil in the morning for 2 months now, and your mag oil at night.The root oil gives me 24 hours pain relief, and I tell you what bliss, the first time I applied it, I was still rubbing it into my left leg and my right leg was already painfree.
And the Magnesium Oil, I rub that into my skin everywhere I can reach about 20-30 sprays, I don't like the feel of it on, so I do it about 15 minutes before I shower, and wash it off like you suggested. By the time I get out of the shower, and get drird, I'm ready for bed. Where I now sleep for 9 hours, never waking to need to pee anymore. I wake up refreshed and feeling like I have had a deep sleep, and ready to start the new day.
I used to wake up every 2 to 3 hours needing to go pee. I can also hold on during the day, instead of heading to the loo every hour or so. My IBS is also calmed right down.I
believe my overall pain levels have reduced drastically, sometimes I forget to use the root pro, or just use the strong pain balm. Buying the triple pain pack is the best thing I have ever done.
Oh Lynny your an angel.

Kerry M January 22, 2019


Personally, I swear by the strong pain balm. I rate that stuff as pure magic! I have used it intermittently for a year now. I have always had great results.
Pain is lessened within minutes & seems to heal deep down inside you. meaning I haven't had to reach for it as often as first when I first started using it.
I have just purchased the family/whanau pack so look forward to testing out all the other products too. I suffer from Fibromylgia.
I hadn't had a flare up in a long time but with an increased work load recently, I am struggling again. Will keep you posted Lynny. I'm also testing your products on someone with a lumber sprain/slipped disc in back.

Storm May November 15, 2018

fibro pain reduced

I have fibromyalgia and constantly in pain - especially at night. I got the strong pain relief and use it every night - wow at last a decent sleep. I'm not 100% pain free but I am certainly feeling better. Love this product

Leeanne Dunn March 15, 2017

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