Exercise and Pain,
I’m sure everyone with chronic pain has been told to exercise by the doctor, I know i was often, and used to think, yeah right, here I am barely able to walk into your surgery and you want me to exercise… but in fact you can exercise without being able to walk, it just takes a bit of forethought and thinking outside the square.
When I was crippled up with pain, I started simply by sitting in the lazy boy chair slightly reclined and doing passive exercise, all I wanted to do was stretch my muscles.
1st I got my phone, if you can multitask try this, and take a photo when how far you can stretch at first. Or if you really want to have fun, make a video, to record and listen to your moans and groans, or voice when talking to yourself it can be very funny.

First take some big slow breaths, lets say 5 breaths. Then take a big breath in, hold it and count at a steady rate, I could only count to 3 for a start, then obviously breath out. Do breathing exercise a few times, get your blood moving. After I had done these next exercises a few times, and adding taking big breaths in the holding timem but just do what you can.

With my feet up resting on the leg rest, I start by pointing my foot down/away as far as I could, hold, feel the muscles in the top of your feet and back of lower leg and knee stretching, take a photo. then bringing my foot up towards my knee, hold, photo, you will feel the muscle in your calves stretch with that one.

Bring my feet back to normal position, and rest, then twist feet out as far as I could hold for a few seconds,  then downwards, hold them down as far as you can really stretch them and hold, then back to normal position, then point feet inwards. Then move feet in the biggest circle you can. Relax, squeeze your toes and arch your foot… hold for a few seconds if you can. wriggle your toes then stretch fan my big toes as far as I can from little toes, hold as long as I can. relax. Do one foot at a time for a start if it’s easier.
Repeat the whole foot exercises again, and maybe repeat a third time, Rest.
lift your whole leg of the leg rest, maybe only 5 cm’s, now hold for as long as you can count to see how long I can hold it. It was 1 count the first time. Relax leg back to the leg rest. Try the other leg. Rest.
About this stage, I remembered my magnesium oil, and took a break to rub some into my leg muscles, gave them a good massage in, and allowed the mag to dry… obviously it would be ideal to do mag oil before you start.
Its silly to cause yourself pain, by doing exercises when you have the ability and mag oil to use it.

Once the mag was dried…
Hold one knee and pull it back towards your chest as far as you can, straighten you knee as much as you can. The key again is to feel those muscles stretching.
Do something similar with your hands, stretch each finger as far as you can, and move the wrist similar to the way you did your ankle.

Then your arm, make a fist with your hand and make your arms flex like someone showing their muscles think of other movements to use your arms for.
Stomach. Sit comfortably and clench your tummy muscles, count to yourself as you are clenching your tummy, you be amazed how you can increase that count.
Clench your pelvic floor muscles, like you are holding in pee, hold, relax.
Clench you bum, like you are holding in… well you know what,…..
Stretch one shoulder up as much as you can, then the other, a few times each.
Back. bend forward and see how far you can get towards touching your toes.
Head, Look to your left as far as you can, hold, then head down towards your chest, hold, to the right hold, back as far as you can, upwards. Then do the same with your eyes.

Screw up face, as tight as you can. Do a great big grin hold, then a big frown, open your mouth as big as you can hold, then pucker up like a big kiss, make the kissing noise if you like, Big Smile with one side of the face, hold, then-then the other side.

You may think of other exercises you can do…. but even just doing all that, you have had a great first workout. Make sure to drink a glass of water, and relax… well done….
Remember to take nice deep breathes while exercising, breathing is important 🙂
Cheers Lynny