I was talking to my psychologist the other day about medical doctors, and how they don’t seem to have much idea how to treat any condition other than prescribing drugs. I was saying how I used to trust doctors knew best, but it was amusing now for me to go to the doctor, and tell them I didn’t want any prescriptions for anything, just tell me what to do to relief pain say in my ankle, the doctor didn’t know, the most basic first aid, ie. do you used a hot or cold pack for a sprain. The doctor said, “oh whatever feels best” that doctor was in his 40’s, and didn’t know?? He just didn’t know what to do when drugs weren’t part of the package… Say No it Pills for every ill
I also wondered if in my lifetime (say the next 20 or so years), doctors are going to be realising the damage they have done, by just prescribing a pill for every ill. Not knowing or caring what the side-effects or contra-effects are for that pill along with all the others you take.

I’m sure people become doctors with the thought of helping people, and I’m also sure that most doctors believe they are doing good… but surely they must know or be starting to wonder if their prescription pad is not doctoring